1. Caught several Largemouth and Smallmouth bass. This last week has been outstanding.

    4 lb. Largemouth Bass with a Drop Shot

    1. Larry J. Lawyer 0
      Nice, love the colors
    2. Steve Mortenson 0
      This last week on the Waupaca Chain of Lakes has been outstanding.. lots of big largemouth. i had some clients who had 2 smallies over 20 inches
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  2. I have been guiding on the Waupaca Chain Of Lakes all summer and the last few weeks has been oustanding. Several bigger Smallmouth Bass in the 20+ inch range and ...more lots of Largemouth bass. Also managed to catch several big Northern Pike between 30 and 40 inches.

    1. Mike Seward 0
      Fishing been slow for anyone else out here lately?
    2. Mike Seward 0
      40 inch pike huh?
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  3. I caught these large mouth bass fishing a weightless wacky worm in about 10 feet of water along some scattered weeds.

    Largemouth Bass with a Wacky Worm

  4. World Record Catch and Release White Bass... A few years ago me and my daughter where spending a beautiful afternoon on Lake Winnebago when we stumbled onto a huge ...more school of White Bass. There was alot of good eating size whitebass that we where catching, then all of a sudden my daughter had a monster whitebass on the line. I actually got the whole thing on video, it was pretty cool.. We ended up taking several pictures and released it.. After she caught it i went and looked in the Fishing Hall of Fame Record book that i had at home.. And come to find out, my 13 year old daughter caught a World Record Catch and Release record white bass. Im so proud of her. Way to go Mercedes

    16 in. White Bass with a Small Spinner Rooster Tail

  5. Last year while on a Wisconsin Lake I was fishing with some old friends who very clumsy. The first bad thing that happened was my buddy accidentally closed the rod ...more locker on one of my rods and broke it right in half. We where catching alot of nice 30-40" Northern Pike and the one guy thought he had a fish and when he went to set the hook, it was no fish but a big rock that he was snagged on and when he went to set the hook he apparently wasn't holding onto the rod with a strong grip and the rod and reel ended up slipping out of his hand and went right in the lake. It was one of my older rods and reels but it was my favorite rod for skipping under docks.

  6. Spent the day installing my new toy.. the Fish Gate 100 in my boat

  7. I was actually out targeting big smallmouth bass when I almost broke Joe Bucher's catch and release record. His was a 24" and my smallie was 23 1/4" ...more So close...maybe next year

    23 in. Smallmouth Bass with a ISG 4" Intimidator Tube


I am the host of the the Anglin' Adventures Tv Show and professional bass tournament anger. I specialize in catching Trophy Largemouth & Smallmouth ...more Bass. I am currently working on putting together an instructional fishing dvd that will be available sometime in 2013. When Im not fishing tournaments I am still on the water either guiding or just out enjoying my time on the water. Fishing is what I do for a living... so I hope to see you on the water.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Smallmouth Bass
  • Waterway Lake Winnebago
  • Lure Soft Plastic ISG 4" Tube