1. Any recent info on bass lately? Hitting the lake (West Access) this Sunday n again in two weeks. Any info would be greatly appreciated, n I'll post my reports ...more when I get back. Thanks!

  2. Caught near an isolated stump on the bank. Sexy shad Spinnerbait, double willow, painted blades.

    5 lb. 8 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Spinnerbait

  3. Anybody been out here lately? Just wondering water temps, clarity, if the bass/muskie have been biting (where & on what :) ), etc!

  4. Anybody have info on bass here? Looking to hit it in a couple weeks and any tips would be helpful so my little boy and I don't get skunked!

    1. Dave king 0
      I would throw jerkbaits right now and stick to a jig in Texas craw color the bass aren't chasing yet so stop and go works and when jigging think super slow ...more let the bait soak near lay downs on steep tapering banks
    2. Ben Schweizer 0
      Thanks for the info! Been on Otter at all this year?
    3. Dave king 0
      Fish slow stick to south of bridge closer to dam
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  5. Tournament-winning 5lb5oz kicker. My personal best!

    Largemouth Bass with a Strike King Sexy Frog - Black

  6. Busted a couple nice bass at Prairie Lake in the pouring rain this morning! Caught one on a black SK KVD Sexy Frog, and another on a pumpkin/red flek SK KVD Ocho ...more (weightless, hooked Texas-style).