1. 25 lb. 41 in. Striped Bass with a eel

    1. Brian Jensen 0
      nice one!
  2. fished just south of the wind mills on Block Island. Great day of fishing with Captain Hank on his boat Harley.

    4 lb. Black Sea Bass with a slug go

  3. 9 lb. 18 in. Tautog with a slug go

    1. Dominic Smith 0
      Read up on it. Thank you. Nice catch.. we dont have those in ohio
    2. douglas monieson 0
      also called a black fish https://thisfish.info/fishery/species/tautog/
    3. Dominic Smith 0
      never heard if that fish.. please explain. or i can look it up...
    4. Paul Budak 0
      Nice fish with nice teeth. Great time fishing with you this weekend.
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  4. A day fishing in Turks and Caicos. Jack Fish caught with live conch bait

    1. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Back in the 70s finally. Had 4 chilly days by Fl standards!
    2. Drew Gierach 0
      I'm with Jon. I kind of forgot what blue skies and blue water looks like. Nothing but white around these parts.
    3. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Looks like a Blue Runner. Nice Pic
    4. Jon Giacalone 0
      Nice! Very jealous of the tropical blue waters in the background...
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  5. Has anyone fished in Turks and Caicos before?


Love fishing with friends and family especially in the winter months.

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