1. Hi Shaw What lures/techniques work best for muddy water during the spawn? Obviously sight fishin is out of the question..ha ha. Was able to nab a few on Texas rigged ...more black/blue lizards blind casting in the shallows around docks; any other suggestions?? Thanks!

  2. Currently watching Major League Fishing and you are kicking butt on a lake in NY. Can you share any tips on what you were flipping and how you fished it to be so ...more affective???

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    2. Dale Wyman 0
      Just caught your summary and it was a Strike King Rodent, any suggestions on proper technique and rigging would still be appreciated.
    3. Dale Wyman 0
      Chautagua Lake,,,,,,,
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  3. Hi Shaw
    I have watched you in a lot tournaments.
    checked out some the spot you marked on lake O.
    I had some good luck and some not so good luck.
    good luck this ...more year.

  4. Details: Promise Ranch- Central Florida

    Fish the rocky points in query ponds in Central Florida for largemouth bass with crankbaits, using the Strike King Pro-Model 10XD.

  5. Details: Bienville FL

    Query ponds at Plantation, Florida

    1. Garry Wilson 0
      Shaw,this is Eagle Lake. Bienville is on the other side of the road.Hard to tell the difference from aerial view I know.Lol
  6. Details: Tuscaloosa, AL

    Use a Strike King heavy hook Football Jig to get some spotted bass.

    1. David Moore Jr. 0
      I saw that show you did in T-town catching them DUDES!!!!lol
  7. Details: Wetumpka, AL

    In the Alabama River, look for subtle changes between sandy bank and rock riprap for spotted bass using crankbaits, Strike King Series 3

  8. Details: Theriot, LA- Lake Merchant

    Dig around in the shallow flat at mouth of creek for trout and reds, casting Strike King Rage Shrimp on jig head and rigged with and without a popping cork.

  9. Details: Promise Ranch Central Florida

    Search rocky points in query ponds in Central Florida for largemouth bass with crankbaits, using the Strike King Pro-Model 10XD.

    1. Derek Jones 0
      It would be an honor to go fishing with you along with your grandson, Would be fun to fish with a good ol' country along with his grandson. 🎣 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  10. Details: Crystal River- outside the mouth in the Gulf of Mexico

    Look for fish humps and rock piles in 20-30 ft water for redfish and Trout. Troll a Strike King Pro-Model 10XD crankbait


I have been a professional angler since 1984, when I started fishing the BASS tournament trail. Currently I fish the BASS Elite Series and the ...more Major League Fishing events. For the past 17 years I have been the host of One More Cast with Shaw Grigsby. As much as I love to compete with other top anglers in tournaments, and to share what I know with everyone who watches the Sportsman Channel, my favorite way to spend time on the water is fishing with my six-year-old grandson. I wish everybody out there an angling buddy as enthusiastic as Bryce. With him I see this great sport of fishing through a brand-new pair of eyes.

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  • Lure Strike King Rage Craw, because of its versatility