1. Some of my good ins from the lake

  2. The fish that started it all...my buddy caught this channel in some weeds in a flooded Des Moines River. I gave everything else up in pursuit of the mighty Mr. Whisker.

    8 lb. Channel Catfish with a worms & leeches

  3. Hey Mike

    any good areas on Cayuga Lake in NY?

  4. Details: Creek Merger

    This is a great example of a place bass will gang up. Look for any place a side creek channel meets the main river. This juncture often has shell associated with ...more it and lots of bass. Try grinding a jig or C-Rig along the shell!

    1. Jeffray Gooch 0
      Fished all over that area but never fished that exact spot...will soon though
  5. Details: Main River Ledge

    This is a good example of the kind of flat points on the main river that bass will school up on. Try triggering the school with a swimsuit, crank bait, or spoon. ...more When the action slows try a big worm or drop shot to clean up!

    1. Jeff Kolbe 0
      Are we talking board shorts or traditional swimsuit?
    2. Kyler Chelminiak 0
      What color swimsuit?
    3. Jeffray Gooch 0
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  6. Details: Post Spawn Point

    This is the classic kind of pocket points that bass will use after the spawn before they head out to the main river. Fish fast lures first like cranks and swimsuits. ...more Then slow down with worms and jigs.

    1. Traeton Holt 0
      Hey mike do you think a chatterbait would work on if the post spawn points are in shallower water?
    2. Jeffray Gooch 0
      Good point for sure, long spaced out
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  7. Details: Main River Point Ledge

    This is a classic main river point that falls off into the river ledge. Bass use this area from post spawn through summer. Try a crank bait, jig, or hair jig for ...more best results.

    1. Andie Harrington 0
      Does Ike ever comment?
    2. Jeffray Gooch 0
      Thanks Ike, gives me a good idea on the type of area to look for!
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  8. Details: Retread Ledge

    This ledge point in front of Paris Landing always has a lot of fish around it! Release bass from the tournaments held here often make this their first stop before ...more moving on!

    1. Jeffray Gooch 0
      Thanks Ike, good post and good spot : )
  9. Details: Tule patches

    Look for deeper tule patches along this section of the lake. Fish a glide bait when they are active and slow down with a Texas rig craw or stick bait when it is ...more more difficult.

  10. Details: Main lake points

    All of the main lake points in this area offer great potential for bass, especially smallmouth. When the wind is blowing in use a jerk bait or swimbait. When it's ...more more calm and sunny slow down with a drop shot or grub!


As a professional BASS and FLW tournament angler, I spend much of my time on the water. I have web toes.

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