1. Glen let me know when there done, I'll be over pretty fast. Then you can take me next time so we can have another limit. Ha Ha.

    1. Tim Swartz 0
      So have you had a chance to get out and wet a line lately there Larry ? I'm hoping the bit of a warm up that we are having will last, so some of the snow and ...more ice finally melts. We've had bout 8 inches of snw on the ground for months now and Ice on Lake erie is running near 8-10 in. so going to be a well before my season gets started. Anyways I was just checking in on people I havent heard from in a while. Good Luck and keep active on the site, check out the waterways option its a great way to mark your favorite spots or to find out where others are having success.
  2. Most major feeder creeks that branch off the main and secondary river channels are best depending on the time of year. As we all know the better stringers of 20lb ...more plus seem to come from these creeks. In the winter deeper is always better for schooling bass. In spring as they start there love pattern they can be caught from 2 to 45 ft deep. I fished a local tournament last March where nearly 30 lbs took first place. The team that won are friends of mine and there boat was setting in 35 ft on the main river channel casting up on the ledges to around 10 ft. They were using jigs,& did real well. My partner and I caught 16 lb in 30 mins of of a secondary creek channel that came off the main river going into the mouth of a large bay with plenty of bait fish. We also used jigs. Second place had 20lb doing the same thing, as always got to be in the right place at the right time. Sonar, Sonar, Sonar, got to use it and understand what you are seeing. With today's technology a good unit is a must. Didn't try any spoons or plastic, but will defenatly try this season. Hope this will help. Good Fishing, your friend in CHRIST LARRY.

  3. Nice one Luke, catch a big one for me, boat been down since 3-15-2014. Hope to get back on the water the first of year.

    1. Larry M Lynch sr 0
      Good looking bunch of fish, what lure were u using.
  4. As of now, you can use all 5.

  5. Jeremy, the Bass & Crappie are both moving in for the spawn at this time. You can expect to catch both of them on main lake and secondary points near deeper ...more water. Look for them on the North banks due to more sun and warmer winds blowing out of the South. Brush piles are always a good bet. In March this year through May there are some larger fish still in 20 to 25 ft on main river ledges. Jigs, Carolina rigged creature baits work best for me. You can also go to Ky/ Lake Barkley sites like TVA. Org and a lot of Guides will post a fishing report as well as baits used. Hope this will help you, GOOD FISHING.


At 60 years old I have been fishing most of my life for some kind of fish or maybe a stick or two. Been fishing Lake Barkley & KY Lake since ...more I eas in my mid to late 20's. I live on the North end of Barkley & Ky Lakes about 3 mins to the lake, I fish as much as possible beings I am retired now, I fish as many Tournaments as possible for the fun and competition, I usually am on the water around 150 days a year, but have slowed down with age. I fish all the Charity & Disabled Vets Tournaments I can, I have fished USA BASSIN Circuit for the past 5 years & Fish a local Tournament Group called THE WILDCAT TOURNAMENT which has a Tournament once a Month starting in March. I also take the time in the last 3 years to take the PVA out in April for there annual Tournament On Ky Lake. I missed last years event due to motor problems. They are a good bunch of people who deserve the help. It is a two day event with food, fun, prizes, and fellowship. All in all I love to be on the water as much as possible. They always say a fisherman is ( A JERK ON ONE END OF THE LINE WAITING ON A JERK ONE THE OTHER END OF THE LINE) u can quoate me on that because I must be one of the biggest JERKS in the world. GOOD LUCK GUYS, GOD BLESS & REMEMBER BE SAFE AND USE YOUR KILL SWITCH & ALWAYS WEAR A LIFE JACKET WHILE OUT THERE HAVING FUN.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Black Bass, Spots, Those Mean Smallies and in my spare time a few Hybrids Strips & Rock Fish
  • Lure My first choose is the jig, I also throw everything else in the book at them on different occasions.