1. Outside of docks

    2 lb. 10 oz. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a drop shot

    1. Todd VanEpps
      good luck
    2. Bryan Ross
      Water is pretty close to normal. We're staying in back of little Stonehouse and the creek this morning looked like a raging river. Fishing has been little tough ...more the last two days. The rain was brutal to say the least.This afternoon bite was better nothing big, so I don't have any worth taking picture of. Hopefully the rest of the week is better.
    3. Terry Patierno
      Nice fish.
    4. Todd VanEpps
      nice chunk is the water up
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  2. Caught on dock

    Largemouth Bass with a 5" stick bait

    1. Len Ecker
      Nice catch
  3. Fished spawning area grass.

    3 lb. 5 oz. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a crank bait

    1. A Reid
      Need a fishing partner?
    2. John Henning Jr
      What kind of crankbait?
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  4. Are you going to fish the Lake Anna Elite Series out of Sturgeon Creek?

    1. Dylan Adams
      No I'll be working unfortunately I wish I could go
    2. Bryan Ross
      Dylan, Are you going to the Richmond expo on Saturday? I'm heading down there with couple buddies on Saturday, thought we could meet up.
    3. Dylan Adams
      Oh okay sounds good. I am fairly new to the area and don't know many people, I was just trying to find someone to fish the Elite Series with.
    4. Bryan Ross
      No I am not. As much as I love to fish Anna I just can't put any more on my schedule. My club will be fishing Anna this coming season 3 times. Twice on hot side ...more and a night TX on cold side.
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  5. This Friday ( 1-13-16) I'll be starting my weekly winter time bass fishing series on Lake Anna. Each week I'll provide fishing reports, techniques were using, ...more and videos which you can watch via Instagram @n1outdoorsnbassador

    1. Dylan Adams
      I'm trying my best to find some connections to fish the hot side. When I do I will provide weekly reports on that side as well
    2. Dylan Adams
      I will not be providing reports from the private side, I do not have access on that side at the moment unfortunately.
    3. Bryan Ross
      Will you be providing reports from private side as well?
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  7. A little over 6lbs

    Largemouth Bass with a war eagle spinner

    1. John Redmond
      Wow, great catch. Congrats. Slow rollin or up in the water column?
    2. Chad Alexander
      That's a beauty
    3. Bryan Ross
      Nice fish Josh Love Little Seneca lake throwing a spinnerbait.
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  8. This place is gorgeous

    1. Bryan Ross
      Spent a week there in April and loved it. I one buddy caught 9 lb. LM on bed, what a giant.
  9. Another good day on the water.. 1 of many fish caught on the drink.. Fish on.

    Largemouth Bass with a worm

    1. Anthony gray
      rocky gorge. I used Yum finesse worm and on Triadelphia I switched to Berkley power worm.
    2. Bryan Ross
      I really like using a Texas rig worm on both the of reservoir. What brand are you using? I like Yum 7" ribbon tale.
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  10. They were nailing the Texas rig this morning, caught several others of equal size and lost a Muskie at the boat. Not bad for 3 hours of fishin'!

    3 lb. 8 oz. Largemouth Bass with a brush hog

    1. Chad Alexander
      I think it's called pro blue.
    2. John Redmond
      Nice fish! What color Brush Hog?
    3. Bryan Ross
      Great fish Chad I've yet to catch a Muskie there yet.
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  11. Largemouth Bass with a worm

    1. Bryan Ross
      Nice fish Anthony l love the Gorge!


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