1. Hi Paul
    are you still out there chasing bass.
    im heading yor ay this weeked.
    any tips on lake istopoga.this time of year.
    I have fished that lake once before.
    I ...more need all the help i can get.
    ho and by the way nice fish yu guys caught.

    1. mike yon 0
      i think my key board is messing up
  2. Tanner caught his biggest ever in a local tournament. A 7.8 pound giant, his three fish limit weighed in over 14 pounds. Fish caught in a small lake in lake placid ...more fl.

  3. Pitching in lake istopoka

    Largemouth Bass with a 1 ounce flipping jig

  4. Pitching with 65 pound test braid

    Largemouth Bass with a 1 oz rubber legged jig

  5. 8.6 pounds pitching a 6 inch senko, on lake Istopoka

  6. 10.4 pounds caught on spinner bait,seconds later " Mitch" a 6year old caught one over 7 pounds

  7. Lake Istopoka, is getting hot, and with the full moon this week end, the bass and fisherman should do well. Shiner fisherman are cleaning up, while the rest of ...more us have to work harder to get bit. Flipping and pitching areas that have reeds,bull rushes and or hydrilla will get ya bit.

  8. I have several friends coming south to catch their bass of a life time, and get out of the blizzards going on now. The bass are just starting to spawn in numbers ...more now and the full moon this week end should fire up the bass and friends coming south .


67 years old, competed in bass masters and FLW for several years. Retired now and moved to Florida . Live in the Lake Placid area and fish ...more Istopoka often, and compete with local " has beens " Like me. There are many Great Lakes near here that offer some of the best Big Bass fishing any where. Fished for several years all over Michigan, for small mouth bass, and Lake Erie for small mouth. I fish out of a Ranger 520 with a 225 merc

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass
  • Waterway Lots of very good big bass lake close by
  • Lure Many, depends on pattern