1. Thanks for wanting to connect with me. As I said I will be in the Lufkin area the first or second week of September. I am an avid Bass fisherman, tho it's been ...more a few years because of health issues and my Partner passed away. We used to fish Tournaments together. I also want to thank you for your service. I am a Vietnam Combat Vet myself. I also have a Harley and ride with the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association. I look forward to meeting you, and that's a great lookin Bass you posted.

  2. Caught it on a lay down, flipping

    Large mouth with a LFT Flipper

    1. Roderick Randall 0
      right now square bills are workng for me and A rig early in the morning have been working when the bass are schooling, also points worked with C rig, T rig and or ...more jig slow have been producing a lot.
    2. Jeromy Cannon 0
      Great job! I tried fishing for the first time in months this last Monday morning, but didn't catch a thing :-(
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  3. Details: Micropterus salmoides with a LFT Flipper

    Flipping what else?

  4. these are the products of a little spot I found on Texoma, when I fish here i am always by myself and have big time success!

    Micropterus salmoides with a Suspended jerk bail

    1. Jeromy Cannon 0
      Man, this looks like fun, I'm missing out this year, been working weekends at work.
  5. little Striper action on Texoma

    1. Jeromy Cannon 0
      I can't wait for my first Texoma Striper trip!
  6. Bertha Again

    1. Jeromy Cannon 0
      Great catch and great picture!
  7. She chocked that crank bait


Avid B.A.S.S angler, a life member of B.A.S.S and P.A.A. Never miss an opportunity to get out on the water, whether it’s a big lake or small ...more pond. I offer guiding trips for lake Fork and Lake Texoma. Tight-Lines while Rip-N-Lips.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Micropterus salmoides (Large Mouth Bass)
  • Waterway Lake Fork, Texoma, Toledo Bend....just water period!
  • Lure Creature Baits, Crank baits and anything that will catch them