1. Largemouth Bass with a baby brush hog

    1. dylan lay 0
      nice fish
  2. Smallmouth Bass with a baby brush hog

    1. Derek Fox 0
      What color lipless crank would you prefer
    2. Ben Stacy 0
      No it's terrible - don't go
    3. Chris Morgan 0
      Is Lake Cumberland a nice smallmouth fishery?
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  3. Smallmouth Bass with a crankbait

    1. Jonah Switzer 0
      What a fish!
    2. Jason Caldwell 0
      Nice catch man.. I'm headed down tomorrow and tips?
    3. Patrick Campbell 0
      So far this year I've had 5 smallmouth at or over 5lbs, verified on a boca grip scale.
    4. Patrick Campbell 0
      Cumberland is a Corp lake, I think Dale Hollow is too. Super deep body of water and generally very clear. I catch them all over really, they tend to migrate a lot. ...more I caught that one on a red clay flat.
    5. Shawn Gearinger 0
      That's a nice smallie!
    6. Tim Swartz 0
      Patrick really nice Tenn. Smallmouth. I have been wanting to get down and fish the T.V.A. lakes.
    7. Derek Stitt 0
      Nice Smallie!
    8. Eddie Goode 0
    9. Tim Kontny 0
      Nice! Where did you catch those nice smallies?
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  4. Caught on missile d-bomb. Weighed 4.5 on boca grip.

    1. Tony Baber 0
      Nice Fish!! im jealous i cant be down there fishing
  5. Fished the past 2 days on LC. Didn't get a water temp reading, but the water level is at full summer pool of 723ft. Day one included fishing a back creek arm ...more with square bill cranks and spinnerbaits, both in shad colors. The crankbaits produced well for LM, but only had a few followers on the spinnerbait. Day 2 I started with a trick worm around flooded trees which produced a few keeper spots. The crainbait produced well again on day 2. Both days I flipped t-rigged plastics around trees and grass, which produced well, and mainly produced bigger fish, especially after dark.

    Of the approximate 20 fish caught only 2 had a bloody tail, and all but one were caught shallow. As far as I can tell, as well as speaking with others on the water, it seems that many fish haven't spawned yet.

  6. Water temps 45°-50° with the warmer water in the backs of the creek. Lake level is around 705ft. Water is stained to muddy depending on where you're ...more at.

    1. Patrick Campbell 0
      I didn't get out on the main lake, but drove over the dam on thursday. It is definitely stained to say the least right at the dam.
    2. Tony Gonzalez 0
      Thanks Patrick.
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  7. These are the 2 biggest fish out of tournament bag last year. The largemouth was caught with only 10 mins left before weigh-in.

    Largemouth/Smallmouth with a Zoom Fluke

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  • Species Smallmouth
  • Waterway Lake Cumberland