1. Details: Floating Mill & Second Creek shore lime

    All shallow on buzzbait and spinnerbait. several largemouth, a spot and several short 17.5 inch smallies. Fish have yet to move in to spawn here.

    1. Rick Adams 0
      They don't seem to have really moved in. Water temp was 59 to 60 degrees. Plus the 25+ feet of less water doesn't help. Shell beds at the mouth of creeks ...more were 10 feet from the water's edge.
  2. Water Temp around 56 degrees on Cave Run. No luck with the smallies but
    the largemouth were slamming craw (red) squarebilled crankbaits along the shore line ...more in 3 to 5 feet of water. Once all of them move in, things will
    get hot. Only a matter of a few days I would think.

  3. Wilson Hill (Point) on CAVE RUN LAKE 04/30/2013 Twenty feet with XPS crankbait (shad)

  4. Details: Muskellunge with a Black Buzzbait over weeds