1. Who else has this same problem??

  2. This happens all the time when dock fishing!!

  3. I'm from Illinois and in a few weeks it'll be about time to do some ice fishing. The problem is I have always done basketball in the winter so I've ...more never really iced fished? What's some equipment, gear, bait, etc. should I get for icefishing? I bass fish all the time but ice fishing is definitely new to me. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Rich Pardy 0
      Like Jim said, how much do you have to spend, ice fishing can be pretty expensive. You can get away with a cheap tip up and ice rod and reel and a hand auger ...more and use the fishidy maps to find good looking spots to fish to get started. As for bait on the rod and reel you can use wax worms or spikes (maggots) on a small jig and on the tip ups you can use live shiners or even dead smelt make great bait. I personally cant live without a vexilar on the ice but they are expensive. A pair of ice pics around your neck in case you go thru the ice and creepers (spikes for your boots) are a must too for safety on the ice. I see your from Illinois as am I, I fish bangs lake in Wauconda a lot in the winter if you are in the area you are welcome to come out and fish with us and check out some of the gear and how we fish the lake. My best advice if you dont have a power auger is to make friends with some that has one :)
    2. Jim Root 0
      How much do you have to spend?
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  4. This is definitely how I've been feeling latley...

  5. #throwback to the 2014 Illinois BASS Highschool Championship on Lake Springfield. Came in 5th with around 7.5lbs. Just couldn't get that kicker fish. But ...more I had a blast and I can't wait for the 2015 State Championship were I plan on getting a W for my senior year and moving on to the BASS Highschool Championship!

  6. I'm rooting for you on tomorrow...Go get em

    1. Richard Merriss 0
      congrats, I just want to catch 5 for dinner, just move to BG doing some fishing on barren lake. ill find them. I hope
    2. Preston Turner 0
      Sorry for the really late response but thanks for the support :) it means a lot
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  7. Biggest bass weighed in last weekend was a 6lber on a jig

  8. How did your tournament season go Preston?

    1. Bobby Tucker 0
      WoW thats awesome! I haven't been able to fish tourneys for a while due to other obligations but I have caught some nice smallmouths when the water was high. ...more Been catching a ton of bluegills also.I'm going to follow you on the circuit. Keep up the good work
    2. Preston Turner 0
      Not to bad! Im doing the Wis. BFLs as a coangler and im 19th overall in the points. I had a 12th place finish the last one. I also placed 5th for the Illinois ...more Highschool State Championship and already prequalified for next year. So its been a good year with hopefully more good tournaments ahead! What about you?
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  9. Anyone been bass fishing here lately?

    1. Noah Clark 0
      I think this is going to be an interesting tourney.


I'm a 17 year old who loves to bass fish. I live in northern Illinois and fish only for largemouth and smallmouth bass. My favorite lake would ...more have to be Shabbona Lake and Pool 13 on the Mississippi River. I love to compete any chance I get. I fish Jr. Bassmaster, FLW, and Highschool tournaments all year long. My favorite lure is whatever they're biting on. But, if I really had to chose one, I would pick a hollow body frog or a squarebill crankbait. Sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately but I plan I doing that a lot more and try to post a lot more pictures!

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