1. Look who I ran into at the US OPEN!

  2. This one in the bush behind me on a white terminator spinnerbait.

  3. Caught this nice bass off a small floating dock on the drop shot

  4. These came off secondary points using a half oz. arkie jig in pb&j color.

  5. Caught these hawgs at Lake Havasu dropshotting the cages.

    1. Steve Nollner 0
      Luis, Good smallmouth AND largemouth. Please give me a call, as just moved back to Vegas. Have to zip back to California and pick up my 21' Chaparral. Can't ...more wait to start fishing Mead. Also, taking four guys to Powell in November. Give me a call, when you have a minute. We caught 100s of
      stripers at Powell over our stay. We get houseboats and stay out for five days or so. What a blast and Lake Powell is not only fantastic for stripers and other species, but a camera for the scenery is a necessity.
      Best regards, Steve Nollner……………...702 587-2812 8/23/18
    2. Luis Alvarez 0
      Thanks Jonathan!
    3. Jon Giacalone 0
      Nice combo!
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  6. Still waiting for all the Colorado River lakes to reopen, missing out on a bunch of great fishing.

  7. Details: large and small mouth bass with a drop shot, jigs

    1. Trevor verge 0
      No small mouth bass at floyd lamb! Sorry
  8. Details: large and small mouth bass with a drop shot, jigs, jerk baits

    1. Luis Alvarez 0
      If you are referring to a bass that come up to your bait but does not commit, then I like to throw a Texas Rigged 4" purple power worm with a 1/8 tungsten bullet ...more weight right after or a senko in the forage color weightless.
    2. Chris Cook 0
      What colors and what are u using for a chaser?
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  9. Details: LM, SM Bass with a Drop Shot, Jerk Baits

  10. Details: Large Mouth/Small Mouth with a Jig, Drop Shot