1. 6-9 kicker

    Largemouth Bass

    1. john keasler
      BIG bass what did it hit
    2. rob baumann
    3. nice catch πŸ˜€
    4. Nice One
    5. Nice hawg!
    6. KENNY LaRue
      toad I say
    7. nice
    8. Rich Pardy
      Monster bass brotha!!
    9. Tom Wray
      nice fish...what'd you get 'em on?
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  2. 17 lb. 9 oz. Largemouth Bass

    1. Good string!
    2. Rich Pardy
      Nice day!!
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  3. Added a catch

    Fish Ohio sized carp

    20 lb. 34 in. Common Carp with a jig with crawler

    1. nice catch πŸ˜€
    2. Kenneth Olivo
    3. Rich Pardy
      Nice carp!!
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  4. Chilling on island time. Fishing was not good so kicked it in the hammock!!

    1. It was heavenly!!
    2. Very nice.
    3. Island time Mon'
    4. Now that's the high life!
    5. Sir
    6. Yeas Sr.!!
    7. Rich Pardy
      Livin the life brotha!!
    8. Jimbo Harwood
      lol. good good, because you can't be chilling like that without a Beer now..
    9. Jumbo, it's up against my lips!!
    10. Drew Gierach
      I like your style
    11. Jimbo Harwood
      looks relaxing.. lol where's the beer?
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  5. advertisement
  6. Rigged

    1. Edward Hogsed
    2. Nice!
    3. Rich Pardy
      Nice rig!!
    4. Drew Gierach
      Nice setup!
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  7. Found this big one yesterday 6lbs 13oz I didnt know Colorado could produce such good bass 25" caught him on a watermelon speed craw.

    1. Lake Capote Noah. Almost 100% foot access too.
    2. Rich Pardy
      Nice bass!!
    3. Nice Bass!!! I saw some 8-10 lb bass in a lake near pagosa springs. They were only eating stocked rainbows.
    4. Where did you get it?
    5. work is for suckers, work as little as possible and enjoy your life, fishing doesn't take much money (it can, but it doesn't have to) that's the beauty! ...more Fishing can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be on any given trip!
    6. nice bass btw!
    7. Matt DeVries
      Thanks for all your great comments guys and gals.. Keep on fishing, if your having a rough day at the job , at home, or just going through hell keep on fishing. ...more Life is too short to work harder then you play. Its suppose to be the other way around work hard fish even harder.
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  8. Pig on the jig

    6 lb. Largemouth Bass with a dirty jig

    1. Great catch!
    2. Derek Stitt
      Good oneπŸ‘
    3. nice catch πŸ˜€
    4. Rich Pardy
      nice one!!
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  9. 6 lb. Largemouth Bass with a spinnerbait

    1. Guy McMaster
      nice toad, congrats
    2. Ben Lea
      Shawn, you might be right. MONSTER SPOT if it is.
    3. Jason Fulmer
      Nice Hog
    4. Nice one
    5. Nice fatty! Looks like a spot?
    6. That's a bowling ball
    7. James Rubino
      What a pig!
    8. Rich Pardy
      nice bass!!
    9. nice catch πŸ˜€
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  10. Added a catch

    After work right to the lake

    Black Crappie with a yum grub

    1. Will Haigh
      That really is a beautiful crappie!
    2. Beautiful fish
    3. Dang that is a dark one! Nice!
    4. Wow that's a good one
    5. Nice one Kenneth!
    6. Rich Pardy
      Nice crappie Kenneth!!
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  11. My sister caught her fish ever Rock Bass tonight! Awesome fisher woman she is!

    1. And a fisherwoman is born! WTG!
    2. Rich Pardy
      Great catch!!
    3. Robert Parks
      nice fish for a fisher woman
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Catch and release fisherman from Chicago, Illinois

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Large and Smallmouth Bass
  • Waterway DuPage River, Illinois
  • Lure White Spinner, senko, swimbaits and bass jigs.

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