1. Trout Unlimited’s Wild Steelhead Initiative and Wild Steelheaders United is an ambitious and hopeful effort to protect and restore the wild steelhead. http://www.wildsteelheaders.org/

  2. Perfect time to jig for squid in Puget Sound. http://ow.ly/IYjuD

  3. Please keep your eyes open for drift cards! http://ow.ly/Bfb7M

  4. Grab some pizza and your favorite beverage from Central Market and head upstairs to our meeting at 6:30. We'll go over our 2014 strategic action plan, discuss ...more upcoming fishing trips… http://northkitsapbainbridge.tu.org/events/tu-general-membership-meeting-0

  5. http://www.burnsfishingsupplies.com

  6. Goose Lake in Skamania County was stocked with 1,300 coastal cutthroat. Great fishing until the road is blocked with snow.

  7. In Puget Sound most areas are open for crab fishing. Crab for Thanksgiving anyone?


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