1. 8lb largemouth bass with a Jig n pig

  2. He fought hard

    Northern Pike with a Craw pattern Rattle-trap

  3. Fish came just about to the top to take this one

    2 lb. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a Craw Pattern Crankbait

    1. gregory kempf 0
      nice one,crawdad lure good choice,
  4. I'm rooting for you on tomorrow...Go get em

    1. Richard Merriss 0
      congrats, I just want to catch 5 for dinner, just move to BG doing some fishing on barren lake. ill find them. I hope
    2. Preston Turner 0
      Sorry for the really late response but thanks for the support :) it means a lot
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  5. I was slip-bobbering using white and chartruese tails

    Crappie with a Custom poured Crappie-zilla plastics

    1. Ron Emily 0
      Nice, taking my fishing partner, my daughter, out this Sunday for first outing of the year. Hope we get a live well full of those.
    2. joseph patrick 0
      nice crappie!!!
    3. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice crappie!!
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  6. I'm preparing for the fall action even though its mid-late summer. Bass will be chasing the baitfish, and the crappie will wake up again. Become very active. ...more Fish will begin fattening up for the winter. Match the hatch and keep those lines tight my friends

  7. How did your tournament season go Preston?

    1. Bobby Tucker 0
      WoW thats awesome! I haven't been able to fish tourneys for a while due to other obligations but I have caught some nice smallmouths when the water was high. ...more Been catching a ton of bluegills also.I'm going to follow you on the circuit. Keep up the good work
    2. Preston Turner 0
      Not to bad! Im doing the Wis. BFLs as a coangler and im 19th overall in the points. I had a 12th place finish the last one. I also placed 5th for the Illinois ...more Highschool State Championship and already prequalified for next year. So its been a good year with hopefully more good tournaments ahead! What about you?
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