1. Big Arbor Vitae and Little Arbor Vitae Lake

  2. Lake Winnebago

    1. Brian Jensen 0
      Perch fishing the west shore this Friday. My buddy has been slaying them.
  3. Going to be fishing the Chippewa Flowage next week... any suggestions on lure selection or locations for Walleye and Musky? Any information will be helpful since ...more this is the first trip our group will be taking to this body of water. Thanks in advance and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

    1. Brian Jensen 0
      Ryan, I will be targeting pretty much everything, but emphasis on crappies and smallies, haven't gotten out much yet, but will be a lot in the coming days...stay ...more tuned
    2. Kris Zomok 0
      Sorry i missed ur message Ryan! Hope your trip went well! I have not yet targeted walleyes on the chipp yet but caught a couple on accident a few years ago casting ...more a red an white daredevil as far as muskies go try crane lake on the northwest part of the lake that is supposed to be good this time of year.
    3. Ryan Piedot 0
      Brian... goo luck to you and your group. Hope the fishing and weather is great. What is your plan of attack? What are you fishing for? We are targeting Walleye, ...more Smallies and Musky.... Will be on the East Side of the Flowage staying at Musky Tale Resort... Have a good trip and will try to post reports as well.
    4. Brian Jensen 0
      I will be there as well! I will be posting my reports throughout the week.
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