1. In the early 90's i grew up watching Babe on Tv. I preferred fishing shows over cartoons. When i was 12 i went camping with a friend and his family at Tobyhanna ...more State Park in PA. After fishing for about two hours i got a bite that was different. It didnt run! It didnt chirp on the line! My bait just stopped about two feet below the water. I knew the water was about 6' deep and there was no logs or anything to get hung up on. right when i was going to set the hook, it was gone. So i made one of those cast about 30' in the exact same spot that could have hit a quarter. It did it again. My bait stopped sinking! So i reeled up my slack and BAM!!! fish on! I played out the beast for about 5-10 minutes until my friends dad realized we didnt have a net and he bear hugged the 22.5" 7.5lbs large mouth into the boat. This bass was a Lake record (still is after 19 years) and a personal record that im still trying to beat now in TX.

    Large Mouth Bass with a Manns 6" Jelly worm

    1. Grant Heimbecker 0
      Do you remember what you were using?


caught record large mouth bass for tobyhanna state park(pa) when i was 12. it was 22.5 in and 7.5 lbs. love fishing love taking my children with ...more me.