1. How do u PM somebody? Larry asked about baits.. Chatters, spinners, top pops, dog walkers, (night), scroungers, swims early. Too old & cripple to throw a heavy ...more crank, much less an a-rig!!

    1. Jon Giacalone 0
      Ed, to message someone you will first need to connect with them. Once you do that, look to the top navigation menu where it says "Messages". Click there ...more and you will be directed to another page where it says "Messages" again, click that and a form will pop-up. Begin typing the name of the person you're trying to message and it should auto-populate. Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out with any other questions!
  2. thanks Larry god to be your freind

  3. Ever have one of those moment when you want to scream. Yesterday where I was casting everything but the kitchen sink tow people caught 7 & 7 1/2 pound bass. ...more Guess they are better fishermen than me. Oh and I bent my prop so boat is at Angler Marina at Goosepond.

    1. ed hood 0
      What did you hit? Where? (So I'll watch out for it!)
    2. ed hood 0
      i'm going today & tomorrow (Wed) even tho it's supposed to rain, showers, etc. Wanna go?
    3. Larry Williams 0
      My motor is a yamaha but thanks for the offer. I had to have it towed from Roseberry Creek to Goosepond. Fortunately I have the towing insurance or it would have ...more cost me $275.
    4. ed hood 0
      yep! I had an electric fuel pump go out & spent all day chasing parts & installing! What motor you have? I have a couple of extra props for Johnson/Rude..14.25 ...more x 27, SS
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  4. Last year I caught a lot of bass in the 3-4 pound range in Roseberry Creek. Mostly on a red colored Rebel crawfish bait. Been under the weather so have not been ...more out yet this year.

    1. E Reilly Schum 0
      Thanks Larry. Hope you get to feelin' better.


I grew up as a kid on the Goosepond area. My grandfather owned the land that is now in condos as you enter Goosepond Village. My uncle was a ...more commercial fisherman back then. Great memories. About 40 acres of his land was flooded when TVA closed Guntersville Dam.

Fishing Favorites

  • Waterway Guntersville Lake
  • Lure crank baits of any type