1. found some crappies who wanted nothing but Northland impulse plastics

    Black Crappie with a plastics

    1. Tony Callies 0
      Gotta love those slabs; even when they're picky on the bait... I've been dressing up vertical jigs with those little plastic tails down here in the Madison ...more area so good to know I'm not the only one dealing with choosiness. Good luck up there!
  2. Was out on George yesterday and this warm weather is not making much ice. At most i saw only about 3". Wasn't able to get to the spots i wanted to try. ...more they are calling for mid 40's by weds so be smart when heading out on the lake.

  3. Just got word today the Willow Haven Bar and Grill ice fishing tournament is scheduled for January 30th 2016. Contact Joanie at Willow Haven Bar and Grill for more ...more details.

  4. Have you ever fished Saxon Falls Flow age, I've gone there a few time and never got anything bit he caught about 7 muskies in one day.

  5. Second fish of the night...5 mins after the first one

    40 in. Muskellunge with a Bulldawg

    1. Brian Rindy 0
      It looks almost real nice work.
  6. My buddies PB 49 3/8". Caught in August during the last night of the Rhinelander Musky League.

    49 in. Muskellunge with a Bucktail

    1. Jonah Switzer 0
      Huge fish! Amazing catch!
    2. Nick Dahmen 0
      The really old ones turn reddish, very common...Doesn't even mean they are unhealthy...Also she has a gash from either a prop or from being attacked as a juvenile...Also ...more common
    3. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome musky! Congrats to your buddy!
    4. Kurt Weingart 0
      A nice fish though
    5. Kurt Weingart 0
      Whats wrong with that thing? Doesn't look very healthy
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  7. Saw this fish swimming in the shallows and tossed a Suick passed her. she turn on it and t-boned the bait 20 ft from the boat. quick picture and released.

    40 in. Muskellunge with a Suick

    1. David Rotigel 0
      Great fish! Congrats!!!
    2. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome musky!
    3. David Rotigel 0
      What a beautiful fish! Congrats!!!
    4. Zachary Hassler 0
      Nice fish Brett!
    5. Drew Gierach 0
    6. chris kliman 0
      Nice ski!! Gotta love sight fishing. Especially when you spot a beast like that.
    7. Christopher Pereira 0
    8. Jacob Maki 0
      Noice musky!
    9. no the footage was of the other one...i tried to turn the camera on and as i was doing that it smoked the Suick...
    10. Jon Giacalone 0
      Awesome! Did you get video footage of that one?
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Love to fish. Muskies top the list, walleyes and smallies a close second. I am a guide in the Rhinelander/Oneida county area. Have over 15 ...more years of experience and knowledge to share with anyone who wants to listen. The Rhinelander area offer tons of lake within a 30 mile radius and many fishing oppurtunities for anglers. Contact me if you want to go out and fish or if you want the current fishing report for the area. esoxman22@yahoo.com (715)-360-0788.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Muskie
  • Waterway Anywhere in Northern Wisconsin
  • Lure Suick