1. Links to our last magazines: http://www.odumagazine.com/Magazines/ODUSummerMay2013/ and http://www.odumagazine.com/Magazines/ODUSpringApril2013/

  2. Here are a few top seen articles from the site the last few days: 24-Pound Cod, State Record - http://www.odumagazine.com/24-pound-cod-state-record/, Snag Proof ...more … Bleedin’ Frog - http://www.odumagazine.com/snag-proof-bleedin-frog/ and Maniac Custom Lures – Panfish - http://www.odumagazine.com/maniac-custom-lures-panfish/

  3. ODU Featured Story is all about big toothy critters down south. Check out this new state record MUSKIE. http://www.odumagazine.com/fishingnews/2012/08/another-monster-muskie-another-state-record-at-bluewater-lake/

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      Great story! Thanks for sharing guys!
  4. Have you ever heard of the The The Redneck Tournament? Well here is a ODU Fishing News feature we want to share: http://www.odumagazine.com/fishingnews/2012/08/fishing-tournament-in-bath-helps-remove-asian-carp-the-redneck-tournament/

  5. ODU Magazine had a great ICAST and we are looking forward to cooling summer...anytime now. Checkout our latest editions of Summer and Mid-Summer. Also, when you ...more are working your maps, you should see our banner under that map everyone in a while.

  6. ODU Magazine returned home from ICAST and what an event we had. Had a great chance to meet with Carie and the crew there at ICAST. That mobile app rocks. Everyone ...more here at Fishidy will need to have it. ODU Magazine loves where the site has gone over the past year, we look forward to its future. Don't forget to check out our latest two editions..they are free. Here are the links to both: http://www.odumagazine.com/Magazines/ODUJuly2012/ and http://www.odumagazine.com/Magazines/ODUJune2012/

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      Was great to see you too! Thanks for the note and we love your online magazine...lots of great content there.
  7. On Tuesday, the next issue of the OnLine Fishermen will be released and viewable on the website: Here are some of the titles: The Spoon Season is Here, On the Contours ...more for Late Summer Walleyes, Unsung Heroes in the Big Bass World, Keep Cranking, Fishing on Alaskan Cruises, Sailfish, Tracking Bass Movements, Beware moving fish—even native bass, Navionics APP/News stand and Falling for River Walleyes. Here is the link to the page where it will be: http://www.onlineoutdoorsmen.com/online-fishermen

  8. Summertime Catfishing By Ken Mcbroom : The spring time spawn is over. Catfish are once again on the prowl in search of their next meal. The water temps have reached ...more 75 or maybe 80 degrees. Days are hot and more suited for swimming and sipping on a chilly one but once the sun goes down and the air becomes bearable it is time to go on the prowl for your next line stretching adventure. http://www.onlineoutdoorsmen.com/online-fishermen-blog/

  9. The Binsky – Bass and Walleye Bait That Makes Blade Fishing A Year Round Experience! Testimonial Excerpts: “The blades have been working out great so far. ...more The gold ¼ oz. has caught well over 150 walleyes in the three days”, “Binsky is something different. I live in CT and frequent one of the best smallmouth bass lakes in the north eastern US- Candlewood lake. My first test for this bait was a tournament last Sunday and boy did they hit it good. We pulled up to our first spot and I proceeded to catch 2 fish on back to back casts. It was lock and load from there. We put a dozen keeper smallmouth in the boat on the Binsky which brought us to a solid 16.90lb limit.”, http://fishsenselures.com/index.htm

  10. JOB Posting: The OnLine Fishermen needs help finding a new account manager for our team. Please pass the word to your industry contacts. We are looking for client ...more minded advertising sales person, who enjoys fish to join our team. Here is the posting: Do you love fishing? Are you someone looking for extra cash and can work independently? Are you looking for an opportunity to work in the sport fishing industry? If you answered yes to all these questions then send your resume, cover letter and three professional references to the attention of Bill. The Online Fishermen is the largest and most read online fishing magazine available. We are expanding and looking for an advertising sales person who also has an interest in fishing. Check out our links to learn more about us. -- William Schwarz Social Media and Advertising Director Website: www.onlinefishermen.com Media Kit: http://www.onlineoutdoorsmen.com/linksvideos/media-kit Anglers BLOG: www.onlineoutdoorsmen.com/online-fishermen-blog/ Latest OLF Issue: www.onlineoutdoorsmen.com/july-august-2011


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