1. I was an unofficial guide on Lake Yale in the Harris Chain, FL. This was a 22 1/8" 5.8 pound largemouth caught trolling on July 14. Today, took a friend ...more to Lake Harris where I caught a 23" 7 pound largemouth a week ago. Early this afternoon (August 3), my friend caught a 21 1/2" 5.7 pound largemouth trolling a spoonplug on the south shore near Yalaha.

  2. west side of lake

    Westside slot

  3. Lake Griffin (Harris Chain, FL) Tuesday, Dec. 5 I caught 7 largemouth from 15" to 18". However, the 8th fish (actually the first one I caught) was 26" ...more and a tad over 10 pounds. All fish were caught trolling.

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      It is Lake Harris, 28*48*1*North, 81* 47* 28* West.In about 12' to 14' of water.
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      you asked about Harris Lake Lunker, it was taken just south of the airport, in that inlet. If you click on "details" it will give you gps coordinates. ...more and show you just where the fish was caught. Good Luck, Tery
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I'm a past president of the Yahara Fishermen's Club (Madison, WI) and I fished the Madison area lakes from 1986 until 2009 when I moved to north ...more Texas. I do not like the Texas reservoirs that are full of dead trees. I have joined a private fishing club that has about 50 properties available. Most are from 10 to 80 acres and feature largemouth bass. Recently, I have fished Lake Texoma for stripers -- usually with guides as it is so big and most days in north Texas are pretty windy. So, my 15' boat with a 30 hp motor only works on selected days. Back when I lived in Madison, I did primarily trolling with spoonplugs and was able to catch my biggest fish to date: 48" muskie in Waubesa, 40 1/2" northern pike in Monona, 27" walleye in Mendota, 33" catfish in Mendota and 20 1/2" smallmouth in Monona. All, except the smallmouth, were caught trolling spoonplugs. For some reason, I never really caught a big largemouth in the Madison chain. Hopefully, some time in 2013, we will be moving to Lady Lake, FL and I hope to have good success on the Harris Chain and nearby waters. UPDATE: Since moving to central Florida, I have caught some bass in the 5 to 6 pound area and lost a nice one that should have gone over 8. However, most of my bass have been small --- like 10" to 14". Most of these lakes are like bowls, so very little actual structure. Plus the bottoms are mostly muck as opposed to rock, sand, clay, etc. Most of the big bass seem to be caught in the spawning season (Jan thru March) by the local tournament anglers. One of the lakes, Harris, has some decent hybrid stripers. They seem to average around 18" and my biggest has been 21". But, I cannnot find them in the summer, only late fall thru early spring.