1. Caught by my fishing partner, Bob Hoyle but I took the picture upon release. "I double-dog dare you to put your fingers down here one more time..."

    Muskellunge with a White in-line spinner bait

  2. Chris is here this weekend

  3. Setting up a trip with my boys and 2 grandsons for Lake Vermilion, MN. Just paid for a year of Fishidy Premier...hope it is worth it. At least it has some good maps ...more I can study on my PC before the trip. Fishing east end out of Glenwood Lodge. Been there 4 years but always interested in hearing others stories of where the Smallies hide!


Love fishing with my grandkids

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Muskie
  • Waterway Lake Vermilion - MN
  • Lure spinner baits