Stream Gauges & Bug Hatch Forecaster

Remove the guesswork from choosing the right river at the right time, and be there when the fish are!

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Find Optimal Times and Places Where Bug Hatches Occur

Photo of a trout

The Science

Bugs are most active when they are hatching and we know the conditions when hatching is most likely to occur.

Photo of a stream gauge location on a map

The Data

Fishidy monitors over 13,000+ USGS stream gauges, uses solunar data, and local weather conditions which are then fed into a forecaster to tell you when and where fish are likely to be feeding.

Photo of a daily view for a stream forecast

The scoring

A location is given a score ranging between 0 (poor) - 100 (excellent) to identify the best places and best times to fish. View forecasts as far as seven days ahead!

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