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Mark Oland
11/1/2018 2:29:37 AM

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try this creek
Lake Houston

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    1. Tim Delaney 0
      Sounds good. Ill give you a shout when the water gets better. Thanks again
    2. Mark Oland 0
      Don't worry about not fishing, it hasn't been good with all the rain. I go fishing at least 1 day a weekend, if you ever want to meet just drop me a note.
    3. Mark Oland 0
      I use a couple different boat ramps. There is a free ramp at the end of rd 830. I fish the north side of the lake mostly, around 1097 bridge and north. If I'm ...more going north only I'll launch at the Cagle recreation area. The north side is less docks and more lay downs, stumps, native area...I prefer that over dock fishing. But lots of stumps. Need to get a map
    4. Tim Delaney 0
      breaking in new motor and new boat....
    5. Tim Delaney 0
      Thanks Mark. Went out to Lake Conroe this afternoon. Trying to break my my new motor. So I didn't fish very much. Lake was kinda rough but a beautiful lake. ...more I look forward to learning it. Where do you put in at Conroe? I put in at Lake view.
    6. Mark Oland 0
      Tim. Not a big fan of lake Houston as a bass lake. But when I do go I launch at lake Houston marina off 1097. If your new to the area try Conroe, or there is a ...more smaller lake just south of lake Houston called Sheldon Lake. It's shallow, 5ft or so, and no wake but it has some nice bass in it.
    7. Tim Delaney 0
      New to Houston area from Louisiana. Trying to learn the area. Where is a good boat ramp to put in on lake Houston to start bass fishing? Thanks
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