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NiKo D.
5/21/2018 8:29:44 PM

ADVICE PLEASE!!! please take a look and read! the photo is a stock photo of the north flats campground. Primitive camping is allowed along the entire lake shore, so I'll explore b4 setup. warm water conditions, about an 8mi area lake with a river dam at the Rio Grande. Unsure of the depth. Trout has been good to me in most creeks and resevoirs, but really hoping to catch something different! Fish stocking reports Crappie, Bass, Walleye, and Cats. its a lesser fished lake (compared to Elephant Butte), but I am without a boat, so I'll attempt some float fishing and trying to spot some places to wade. I'll be there 2days, and willing to hike and explore. I am not limited to just the resevoir. I may end up in the river headed to Mexico! please comment if u have any tips!! my tackle box is ready and equipped for suggestions!

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first time at new camp!
Caballo Lake

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    1. Douglas Vernon 0
      Has nobody caught a freakin fish since May?! How about updating the site, guys?
    2. For Walleye, from the bank try 3/4 oz egg weight above a swivel. On the other end a 4 foot leader with a FLOATING green or bright yellow jig. Tip with a minnow or ...more night-crawler. Set your pole in a holder and wait. Try right next to a break point. In your pic I see two good break or POINTS I'd try. Good luck!

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