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NiKo D.
10/17/2017 4:30:00 PM

where the river narrows but deepens with larger rocks and pockets. I climbed over an abandoned beaver mound and fought what I believe was the biggest fish ive ever had on my line. this is where "the one" got away! fought him going back and forth up stream and back behind a submerged rock for about 20mins before he snapped my (then) only handmedown rod from an old shed. thats when I started taking fishing a bit more seriously. invested in a better rod and I will return one day! Quite a few lessons learned that day!

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the old beaver lodge
White River

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    1. NiKo D. 0
      thanks Josh & Jake!
    2. Josh Sommerville 0
      Happens to everybody just gotta keep casting.
    3. NiKo D. 0
      yep that's right Charley and I do intend to keep trying! About to go "practice" this evening!
    4. Charley Young 0
      Not only lessons learned but also will make success that much sweeter! What's the saying? If first not successful, try, try again!!!
    5. NiKo D. 0
      yup sure was! planning my return for this summer with a whole new passion for it!
    6. Jake Joseph 0
      Love it!! Two things were hooked that day no doubt!
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