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Austin Stacy
3/1/2017 4:39:00 AM

This point was a good staging point for the bass. Could change though with the upcoming weather forecast.

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Great Point
Lake Sinclair

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    1. jackie smith 0
      Hey we fishing out of little river marina in the morning. Pm me when you get a chance, thanks.
    2. Austin Stacy 0
      I'm fishing in Barry's Bass tournament so there may be another tournament going out of the same ramp. But if he is not in the same tournament just personal ...more message me and I will help you out as best as I can.
    3. Austin Stacy 0
      I'm also fishing in that tournament so, I won't give too much up. However, key in on main lake rocky points.
    4. jackie smith 0
      At Dennis station ramp
    5. Austin Stacy 0
      Do you know the name of the tournament or the boat ramp they will be launching at?
    6. jackie smith 0
      My son has a school tournament there next weekend and we never fish there so would you mind giving me some info on some places to look at to fish? Any help is appreciated. ...more Thanks
    7. Austin Stacy 0
      Yes I do.
    8. jackie smith 0
      do you fish there much?
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