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Oscar Jones
2/26/2016 1:16:00 AM

Approximately 15-18 Condos placed in 14'-17' deep water. With a South wind you can tie off to the power piling and let about 15' of rope out and you'll be right over the center of this "field" of condos. I selected this location because of its proximity to the Creek channel (25' deep water). I've caught crappie here every time I've fished it since dropping these (circa 2006). Haven't been able to make it down to RC in several Years, so I hope someone can fish em and give me a report on how you do. Would be much appreciated... Good luck! And watch that line!

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RC: Crappie-Condos
Richland Chambers Lake

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    1. Dean Hollingsworth 0
      i tried to find the crappie condos today, I am not sure if I found the right location. Are the co ordinates correct on Fishidy?
    2. Mike Sutphin 0
      Finally found and it is still holding fish. Only fished about 20 minutes late afternoon and had 3. Thanks
    3. Chris Hendrix 1
      When I have a chance to go I will let you know. Thanks

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