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Dustin Chehovits
6/29/2015 11:41:26 PM

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Pymatuning Lake

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    1. Dustin Chehovits 0
      I'll be in ocean city this weekend so no fishing for me.
    2. Jason Granato 0
      The bay is on fire this year and I didn't make it up one time. My buddy said u can pitch anything from a pink tube to a black senko and catch a smally every ...more 3 casts. Hopefully the main Lake looks good this weekend, we're gonna try and hit it Sat/Sun weather permitting.
    3. Dustin Chehovits 0
      We launched out of raccoon creek we caught a few on the Ohio below the beaver river and a few above the beaver in Rochester. My buddy caught 96 smallies I think ...more out of the bay.
    4. Jason Granato 0
      I'll be up Erie a lot starting 2nd week July, my friend lives 5 miles from Walnut Marina. We usually hit it 20+ times a year after bigger schools show up. Where ...more were u on the Ohio? I fish the upper Beaver, Connoquenessing alot. Sometimes I hit Leetsdale
    5. Dustin Chehovits 0
      We fished the ohio 2 weeks ago and took 2nd with 4 fish that weighed 5.58 pounds. We where supposed to fish Erie last Saturday but that was out. So we fished Wilhelm. ...more Black and blue and green pumpkin where the hot colors
    6. Jason Granato 0
      I haven't fished Wilhelm in 10+ years, but I'd rather fish unfamiliar water and get skunked then get washed down to the Mississippi trying to fish the rivers.
    7. Dustin Chehovits 0
      Yeah there was quite a few boats Sunday! The weather was horrible but the fishing was pretty damn good!
    8. Jason Granato 0
      that's even better... not near as many people haha
    9. Dustin Chehovits 0
      Those where at Wilhelm not pymo!
    10. Jason Granato 0
      Awesome, thats a heavy 7 fish for Pymo. Were you guys drifting or trolling? I'm guessing with surface temps around 70 the fish weren't that deep? I'm ...more just trying to figure out if I feel like picking weeds off harnesses all day or just mark some fish and run slip bobbers.
    11. Dustin Chehovits 0
      Water temp was 71 the lake has a brown tint to it but is still pretty clear. Between 4 of us we had 7 fish that weighed 21 pounds.
    12. Jason Granato 0
      What's the water temp and clarity today? looking to come up late Wednesday.
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