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Oscar Jones
6/20/2015 1:20:00 PM

Good-Sized Brushpile about 10' straight out from the deck (sitting/fishing area) of this dock. Water is approx. 18' deep at the end of this dock. Usually holds lots of good-sized crappie. If you don't get bit on the pile, shoot your jig under the dock... (Edited-1/2/16): Our beautiful reservoir is plum full right now, so if you're planning on shooting any docks for crappie (especially in the Paradise Bay Arm) you had better bring your "A"game!! Lol! Not much more than 2"-4" to work with on most of the docks in this area right now. Watch your line!!! :-D

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High Dive Brushpile 18'
Cedar Creek Lake

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    1. Oscar Jones 0
      Sorry for taking so long to respond... haven't been on the web in a few either... work, work, and more work... ya know
    2. Oscar Jones 0
      It's all public man... the only restricted area on CCL, that I know of, is the roped-off section over by the spillway. I'll post exact coordinates to these ...more brush piles in a bit... getting ready to head out to do some scouting right now. Haven't been on the water in several months... we've had a lot of rain since I was out last, I'm hoping that I put enough weight on all that brush! Lol. If they're still there, I'll try and remember to post up exact GPS coord's.
    3. Donte Wilson 0
      Is this public access or private property?

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