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Oscar Jones
6/20/2015 1:11:00 PM

Crappie Condos approx. 10' NW of Power Piling closest to shore. 20' Deep Water @ Normal Pool Elevation (322'). Created Circa 2008.

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Crappie Condos 20'
Cedar Creek Lake

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    1. Shane Chapman 0
      Might have to get with you and make sure I'm fishing the right spot. I have side imaging and not sure I found it.
    2. Oscar Jones 0
      Lemme know how it turns out!
    3. Oscar Jones 0
      No problem... I fished this spot about two weeks ago, and someone has dumped a crapload of brush on top of my condos... I mean, don't get me wrong, I love brush ...more as much as crappie do, but you don't loose near as many jigs fishing condos. The crappie are still very very slow here on CCL. I did find a few out in 27' deep water holding to bridge pilings. Good Luck!
    4. Shane Chapman 1
      Thanks for sharing I live close to this spot will give it a try!!!
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