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Mike Iaconelli
6/5/2015 4:00:00 PM

This is a great example of a high spot or hump. Bass will use these kind of structures as a current break and feeding station. Start with cranks and swimbaits the switch to a slower presentation like a worm or hair jig.

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High Spot
Kentucky Lake

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    1. tad defreze 0
      Hey Mike follow u anywhere my name is Tad in murfreesboro Tennessee saw u catch monster smallies on the Cumberland river in Nashville,with all that vocal excitement,probably ...more invites them to the party.
    2. Derek Jones 0
      Nice smally, Mr. Iaconelli have you ever fished any waterways in Oklahoma? If so, It would be an honor to learn from an elite angler. Good luck in the BASS, if you ...more ever need a co angler I'm available.
    3. Hey Mike, are you familiar with the Knee Deep Club on Lake Hopatcong?
    4. Ed Hesse 0
      Mike been watching you since your Federation days. Should have went pro in the 80s but life got in the way. Originally from NYC was king of Oakland Lake in Bayside ...more as a kid. Anyway your trophy presentation on the Delaware was unlike anything I'd seen in fishing. Was like a Rocky moment in real life. Brought tears to my eyes. Rock the smallies this fall and go for it. Tks for being real.
    5. Jeffray Gooch 0
      Shhhh. I got a waypoint there lol
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