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Steve Trokan
5/5/2015 8:18:21 PM


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Lake Winnebago

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    1. Steve Trokan 0
      Hit bago today on south end, 35 goat's ,4 crappies, 4 whitebass , not one walleye, but a lot of action. Trolled # 5 flickers on the edges the reefs. Gonna ...more try the mud next time
    2. tom kintop 0
      Cool. I am hitting bago in the morning.
    3. Steve Trokan 0
      Oh yea,and talk to Monica, I gave her some fish to bring to you and she forgot and my brother ate it !
    4. Steve Trokan 0
      Hey Tom, call me if you would like,I'll tell ya what I know,and I wish I could be working !
    5. tom kintop 0
      Steve you terdd. Out fishing while we r busting ass.
      You could at least give us some GPS readings. Good luck on your next outing.
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