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4/4/2015 10:55:00 PM

Free Fishing Hot Spot®
The Medina shoreline south of Bill Gates’ house is good for smallmouth along the docks. Smallmouth move into the shallows onto the gravel beds during pre-spawn in May and drop-shotting small finesse baits like a PowerTeam® 7" Tickler is best for these early fish. Smallmouth will spawn in a bit deeper water than the largemouth, so depths around 10 feet will hold bass through all phases of the spawn. Reaction and jerk baits like the Livingston Lures® Stickemaster 20 and crawdad-colored crank baits like the Livingstone Lures® Diver Master 14 can be very productive throughout the warmer months.

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Smallmouth Fishing Hot Spot®
Lake Washington

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    1. keith orourke 0
      If you do fish around his place his security will stand on the dock and watch you the whole time. Kinda funny.
    2. I read that Bill Gates has the world's biggest aquarium tank in his house. I wonder if he likes to fish?

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