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ethan g
1/30/2015 6:10:00 AM

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Rough River Lake

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    1. ethan g 0
      Caught 20 fish on 4/4 at Nolin mostly on crankbaits. found them stacked in the back of a cove with a creek running in it, water was 60 degrees while mainlake was ...more 55.
    2. Ted Myers 0
      Fish were on main lake/secondary points
    3. Ted Myers 0
      Tough fishing on Rough 4/4. Lake came up 5' overnight. Water heavily stained to muddy and 52-55 degrees. Tourney winner caught 3 fish on shaky head. Second ...more on gold jerkbait with 2 fish. Third 2 fish wacky style weightless sinko.
    4. ethan g 0
      I will be on Nolin this Saturday. Last weekend caught 9 fish all on points, nothing over 2 lbs though.
    5. Ted Myers 1
      Nice. Any other pattern? How deep and how far back into the coves?
    6. john bales 0
      I fished a club tournament at rough Saturday and got 2nd place and big fish. It was tough fishing. we had 5 bites and caught 4 all on crank baits. had 13.08 lbs. ...more big fish 6.7.
    7. Ted Myers 0
      Ethan check my post on Nolin. Just fished tournament there last weekend.
    8. Ted Myers 0
      Thanks John. Looking forward to it.
    9. john bales 0
      im fishing rough tomorrow. ill post results sunday
    10. ethan g 0
      I haven't been on Rough since December, so I don't know much. Will be fishing Nolin the next 2 weekends.
    11. Ted Myers 0
      Anyone got any info on Rough. Got a small club tournament there first week in April.
    12. ethan g 0
      Nope, doing some online scouting for largemouth in couple months
    13. Matt Goetz 0
      You crappie fishing?
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