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Jim Soldan
11/16/2014 2:15:46 AM

Wading waist high

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Hickory Creek

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    1. smallmouth guy 0
      deep water in spring and fall I've caught them in 20 degree weather in those holes you guys are talking about
    2. smallmouth guy 0
      love hickory ,caught some big smallies over the years
    3. Dale Cizek 0
      Awesome. Thanks for the advice. Look forward to getting out and trying. Always catch and release! Thanks and good luck.
    4. Jim Soldan 0
      Go to deep hole across from providence high school. Park under i80 bridge and work your way down around corner that turns to the right than left. You won't ...more miss the deep hole it's the only spot over waist depth. It's right after some Rapids and is over six feet deep. One more deep spot farther up around the next right turn. Catch and release only here or it will die out fast!!!
    5. Dale Cizek 0
      Are the smallies still in the creek? live pretty close to there and never seem to have any luck. any tips? much appreciated! thanks
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