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James Locklear
6/19/2014 5:28:02 AM

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Creek Fork's
Lake Gaston

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    1. Bryan Ross 0
      James, it’s utterly amazing that they hit a spoon, but they do. I have an old fishermen friend of mine that lives on the hot side at Anna. He showed me how to fish ...more it in the canal by the plant discharge. Water temps pushing 100 degree’s. The fish stack up there in the summer, and spoon at times is the only thing you will catch them on. I’m by no means an expert either but I like to fish different techniques.
    2. James Locklear 0
      It's new to us, Bryan just beginning to learn about a flutter spoon. just hope to run across one of those big school of bass. we only seen a few in that creek ...more channel and Barret was able to put it in their face and they ate it..
    3. Bryan Ross 0
      You going old school on me with a spoon, love it. I use a spoon at Anna during the dog days of summer when I can get down there.
    4. James Locklear 0
      Just a spot I've marked to fish because of it location. We fished it with no luck this past week. We were not able to locate many fish out deep. Barret was able ...more to get two nice keepers out of Pretty Creek in the creek on a spoon, just off the piont you marked with the grass. Had one there at 3.15lbs.
    5. Bryan Ross 0
      Where are the details on your spot, what did you use C-rig, CB, TR dynamite? I appreciate your posts.
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