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Rob Muller
11/11/2013 8:19:42 PM

I think this is one of the best Points on the Lake for bass and Stripers. I caught my biggest largemouth bass on the shoreline at night during the Summer with a Jitterbug. You can also catch nice size Smallies in the morning hours all Spring/Summer long here. And, this is a great Point for Stripers in the Spring and Fall.

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Overview Point
Lake Wallenpaupack

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    1. Rob Muller 0
      BTW, nice LM on your profile. Looks like Blue Anchor Marine in Northeast, MD
    2. Rob Muller 0
      haha. If Al wants to become a better fisherman..he should hire you for a guide trip. As you know, not too many secrets on the Pack. And, if there were, they'd ...more remain just that SECRET. lol
    3. Greg Walsh 0
      Rob....don't tell Al too many secrets on the pack because he might use the knowledge against

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