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Emil Tuch
8/7/2013 8:36:24 PM

All along this shore line against the mangroves there are lots of red fish

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Bayonet Point shore line
Tarpon Springs

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    1. Emil Tuch 0
      Hi David, I was out on Saturday the 15th and the water temp was only between 64 and 66. We saw a boat land a nice snook but that was it. Through the years, I've ...more found that if the water temp hasn't held 68 degrees for about a week or so, I was wasting my time out there. Once that temp holds at 68 consistantly, the fish will start to bite. There was a tournament in Hudson and only one boat brought in 3 trout, that shows how bad the bite is right now. This rain isn't helping to keep the temp up either. But it's going to get beeter any time now. Keep the faith David!
    2. Emil Tuch 0
      Actually you can see the reds tail all along the shoreline against the mangroves. The area I was refering to was the area just north of Brasher Park . But in the ...more mornings I find these reds almost any where on the shoreline against the mangroves. Those little cuts or creeks that go into the mangroves are the best places.
    3. David Kayholm Jr. 0
      Do you mean around Howard park area?

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