Raymarine Sync

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With the new Fishidy Sync feature, Raymarine LightHouse 3 multifunction display owners and Fishidy users can spend more time planning for trips and less time manually logging data. Whether planning a fishing trip from the couch or the helm, Fishidy Sync makes it easy to always be connected to your own waypoints and fishing data from anywhere.

Quick and Easy Setup

Enable Sync from your Fishidy mobile app, confirm the connection on your Raymarine MFD, and you’re ready to go.

  • Connect mobile device to MFD’s Wi-Fi access point
  • Send the Sync setup request from mobile app to MFD
  • Acknowledge request on the MFD for Sync to begin
Sync setup
Plan anywhere

Plan From Anywhere

With your waypoint data shared across devices, you can plan your next trip from anywhere and be prepared as soon as you’re onboard.

  • All waypoint data available on both mobile app and MFD devices
  • Sync feature is seamless and real-time
  • Object appearance and metadata is preserved
  • Raymarine waypoint icons are now available within Fishidy
  • Fishidy yellow, “spot” icon now available as choice for waypoint icon on Raymarine MFD

New Fishing Intelligence

Discover Fishing HotSpots® tips and techniques, and connect with local anglers within Fishidy's waterway-based online community.

  • Joining Fishidy’s online community of over 1 million anglers
  • Find detailed waterway info with fishing tips and techniques
  • Discover Fishing Hot Spots® and catches marked on the map
  • Identify the best times to go fishing for specific species
  • Log catches, capture conditions data, track your patterns
  • Have more fun and become a smarter angler
Fising intelligence

Download the Fishidy App

Fishidy is available on iOS devices for download Fishidy is available on Android devices for download

Learn more at raymarine.com