Lake Oconomowoc

Waukesha - Wisconsin

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The drainage lake has a maximum depth of 60 feet with a mean depth of 32 feet. The bottom of the lake is 80% gravel. The water clarity is moderately clear. There is boat access on Upper Oconomowoc River Lake, just to the north. Upper Oconomowoc Lake is...

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Lake Oconomowoc Fishing Reports

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  1. Largemouth Bass with a Wacky Rig

    1. Ken Rizzo 0
      Congrats...nice fish. Hope you catch more.
  2. 29 1/2” my first northern

    Northern Pike with a buzz bait

  3. Details: 2 lb. 6 oz. Largemouth Bass with a buzz bait


  4. Not the best but definitely the biggest fish in my boat this week

  5. Out 4-7am for some topwater action then 8am-1pm for some grinding bass fishing.

    Front didn't really have the fish off, but had to work them to get them to ...more bite. Downsized everything, and that was the trick. Fish were relating to bait around one kind of weed and we used soft plastics to get them.

    Had 14 topwater fish (11LM/3 SM) before 7am. Again, downsized topwater bait outproduced. One smallie was 18"+ but we had only two short fish.

    Dropped off my early partner and picked up my crew for today. Worked small plastics around the edges. Would hit little groups of fish and have steady flurries of action, but had to work for them in between Had 26 LM before we headed in.

    Here's a double from today.

  6. Out yesterday early AM. Fog was crazy but also was when we caught the most fish.

    Got on a solid topwater pattern early and put some really nice LM/SM bass in ...more the boat. My partner cost the biggest/fattest rockbass I have even seen...on a pop-r.

    When the sun got up and the fog finally burned off, we worked some of the flat areas with tubes/grubs and picked up some more, by 9:30 though, bite had slowed way down. Had to scratch after that, and pulled some fish off the rocks, drops and out of areas with current.

    Still a few fish up on nests, but lots of walleyes and bass cruising.

    Two things: 1.) Saw some trout down by the river outlet...think those came up from Fowler?

    2.)Dead crayfish everywhere in the shallows...wonder if they had a disease or if it was just winter die-off?

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