Kegonsa and Waubesa lakes

Dane - Wisconsin

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Excellent Bluegill and Crappie fishing. Largemouth, Walleye and Northern Pike round out the featured species.

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Kegonsa and Waubesa lakes Fishing Reports

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  1. tip up

    Northern Pike with a shiner

    1. Dave Mull
      Nice one!
    2. Drew Gierach
      Ugh! I need to get out there too. Enjoy!
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  2. marry Christmas to all...and good luck. BE SAFE..8)

  3. Heading to Kegonsa with the family for the first time this Labor Day weekend to target some Northern Pike. Any tips?

    1. Joe Piton
      Thanks a bunch guys! My 3yr old son talks about catching northern pike all the time so hoping to find him some fun.
    2. Clay Russell
      The shallow area by Barber's Bay has a spring and northerns seem to be in that area. I never caught a northern by Williams Point, but there is deep water there. ...more Also, the south side of the lake from the golf course club house and east could be a good area.
    3. lee dufresne
      bring some bread and size 12 hooks

      use tiny bread balls on the hooks under a catch some shiners.,,golds are best or any baitfish that may be in the ...more area. once you get some them under floats or under the boat and drift slow...along weedlines or drop offs. especially inside turns and coves. 8 to 25 feet of water most of the day 4 feet to 8 feet early am and evening before dark.
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  4. 39

    1. Brian Yrock
      what did you use for bait?
    2. Craig Oren
      I know sweet logo!!
    3. Edwin Bublitz
      Holy Shnikes!
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  5. I'm not experienced as a fisherman but holy CRAP. So I'm fishing lake waubesa and I had a HUGE fish on my line about three times! The fr st time he came ...more off the second he stole my senko BUT the third was crazy he was on it GOOD but he ripped my line and my hook off!!!!! Keep in mind my line is 20 lb braid!!!!!!! What the frick did I have on my line!!!!

    1. Tony Callies
      Likely a Muskie - there are some big ones on Waubesa. LOL my old man had a 50+" Muskie on a senko summer 2016 with 8 lb mono while we were bass fishing and ...more it got away after a couple killer jumps and a 10 minute battle... so I can tell you the toothy ones sometimes go for the plastics!
    2. Truman White
      Thanks for the feedback
    3. Jon Giacalone
      Sounds very pike-like to me...
    4. Ben Ferris
      Not sure what's in your area, but my guess would be a Northern Pike, or maybe a musky? Please give more info, kind of environment, time of day, that sort of ...more thing.
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  6. 20.5in

    20.5 in Smallmouth with a tube

  7. Old man caught one off the pier

    28 in. Northern Pike

    1. Marshall White
    2. Jon Giacalone
      Very nice!
    3. Drew Gierach
      Nice looking fish
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  8. First time for me.

    Longnose Gar with a shiner

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