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Smith Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Got a chance to fish a new spot today with my buddy. This lake is rumored to contain monster bass, flathead catfish, and even rare walleye. We gave it our best shot ...more but with stained water from recent stormed and hot weather it was tough. My friend caught 2 bass early on throwing in thick Lilly pads, one of which was a solid 4.5lbs! I caught 3 decent bass tossing worms near amy structure I could

    1. Sean Wilms 0
      And I definitely be back. 91 air temp, partly cloudy mostly sunny, persistent S wind, stained water, vis less then a foot, lots of Shad around, tons of bugs, got ...more very hot and humid out there fast
    2. Sean Wilms 0
      Find, mostly small coves and grassy shaded areas. Bite died completely around 10:00. We tried using live bluegills I caught with the fly rod as catfish bait with ...more no luck. Good little outing though
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass

    check out the trip report and many more on my youtube page kayak rodnreel va fishing. today i ended up getting two on the chatter bait working it slow. check out ...more the page for more videos!

    1. afdougherty1991 0
      i am going out tomorrow morning and then taking my aunt out thursday morning so i will have to get with you sometime next week if you go out
    2. Sean Wilms 0
      You interesting in going kayaking fishing with me sometime this week?
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass

    bass fishing trip on Lake smith in Virginia Beach ended up catching 3 today slow working a chatter bait around structure. check out the fishing trip video on my ...more youtube channel (kayak rodnreel va fishing)

  4. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a Used large red worms, with no bobber

    Fished close to the pier with no bobber and red worms. Everyone using a bobber got nothing. I have no idea what the little guy was, but he got hooked under the eye. ...more First catches of the year. I caught that juicy Capri sun on Friday at a different lake, and that was my only catch that day. It sure felt good to actually catch fish today!

    1. leem311 0
      @Esgar272 Okay, I've done as you suggested. I didn't think the pic showcased the fish as much as my personality. lol
    2. Esgar Montalvo 0
      Why don't you post your profile pic?
    3. Esgar Montalvo 0
      Orange really? More like green tea color here in TX @leem311
    4. leem311 0
      @Esgar272 Capri sun sunrise Orange Wake Up. I had to examine the pics and do some research. It had beautiful coloration, the kind only VA lakes could provide!
    5. Esgar Montalvo 0
      What flavor was it @leem311 ?
    6. leem311 0
      @MulletHead At that point, I believe it was pond water flavor.
    7. Gabe Mitchell 0
      @Esgar272 ha! What flavor?
    8. leem311 0
      @Esgar272 oh that bad boy came home with me! But he didn't keep well on the trip so I had to dispose of him. Shame too.
    9. Esgar Montalvo 0
      Those Juicy Capri Sun are an invasive species don't release, @MulletHead could you include as a new species...?
    10. leem311 0
      @TennesseeTroutboy Thanks! That's the one I was talking about.
    11. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      If the "little guy" you are talking about is the fish in the top right then it's a Yellow Perch
    12. gr82bstr8 0
      Awesome! Good job!👍👍
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  5. Details: Northern Snakehead with a plastic salamander

    1. Castaway 0
      What kind of fish? I can't tell from the photo
    2. Collin Collin 0
      Info??? @yza
    3. Michael Behm 0
      It is a dogfish aka a bowfin
    4. Laine Dillard 0
      Looks like a bowfin @BrianScott
    5. Brian Mcpherson 0
      Snakehead? Ha
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  6. Details: Other Freshwater with a waterbottle

    I was out in the canoe at the reservoir today, look down and there were TONS of little jellyfish.. They were no bigger than a quarter but ive never heard of them ...more in fresh water

    1. Brandon Booth 0
      I think up that way people might call them peach blossom fish.
    2. Brandon Booth 0
      We have them down here in Texas. They are called Moon Jellies.
    3. Fishslayer0905 0
      Yeah that happens in chickahomany lake about once a year and up in the James I don't know why
    4. cooper marchetto 0
      Thats crazy neither have i
    5. Sean Wilms 0
      thats really weird, i found a dead one in my drainage pond once, i still can believe it
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a texas rigged worm

    Same fish, different angle

  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a spinnerbait

    Gear used bait caster,clear sunny but windy

    1. cool_guy_in_miami 0
  9. Details: Largemouth Bass

    1. Sean Wilms 0
      i cant wait to try smith lake, did u see any spots were i could bank fish or do i need a yak?
    2. Tim Knecht 0
      Looks like a sick spot
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