Beaverdam Creek Reservoir

Loudoun - Virginia

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Canoe or Kayak only, no boat ramp.

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Beaverdam Creek Reservoir Fishing Reports

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  1. I'm new to the area and I know Beaverdam was closed for several years for upgrades which is why there are likely no recent posts. However, now that its open, ...more can folks share how the fishing has been in 2021? I recently got a kayak and looking to do some fishing. Other local recommendations are also welcomed.

    1. Hugh Harrell IV 0
      I'm on FBrain but there's a lot of fish in that reservoir. I've had good luck with Senkos, topbaits, and nightcrawlers
  2. Details: 14 oz. Smallmouth Bass with a shakeyhead

    1. Jim Winpisinger 0
      Have a picture?
  3. 4/18/2017
    note that Beverdam has been drained.

    1. Ge Yu 0
      I was wondering about that. Did they post a date on reopening?
    2. david sheaffer 0
      Had no idear. Stopped tb to drop in my Kyak and surprise no water. Big lose for a couple years.
    3. Chris Threadgill 0
      I think the plan was to keep it drained to fix the dam for 2 years and reopen in 2018.
    4. Kyle davey 0
      I think they will flood it again this summer. Thats what they did last year
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  4. 13 oz. 10 in. Largemouth Bass with a buzzbait

  5. Smashed my bluegill pattern chatter in stained water.

    4 lb. 8 oz. 21 in. Largemouth Bass with a chatterbait

    1. Richard Bruns 0
      Waiting for the reservoir to fill. Don't know how long its takes to establish the Bass population again. Meanwhile I'm fishing all the small lakes in Ashburn.
  6. Caught this past Saturday on a bass kandy delight jigging deep water

  7. Fish are still spawning believe that water level was to low in April and May

    5 lb. 2 oz. Largemouth Bass with a lucky strike crank bait

  8. sharp teeth

    Largemouth Bass with a crank bait

  9. Contributed by Park Supervisor Patti McGrath. Fishing has been plentiful at the park. Tim and Larry of Gloucester Point have come back every day for the last few ...more weeks to catch their crappie limits. Crappie have been swimming thick in the shallow waters. The mamas are getting ready to spawn and the daddies are wearing their tuxedoes. The pickerel have been giving the Beaverdam fisherman a fun fight these past couple of weeks, and the bass have not been shy either. It's a good time to be out on the lake, the weather has been beautiful and the fish have been bountiful. The DGIF was out on the lake last week doing surveys on the fish and were impressed with the healthy population levels of all the different fish species in the coves. White and yellow perch are making a huge appearance this season at record sizes. The water is clear and grass has been low, it's been a really good time to be a fisherman out on the lake. The 2014 annual boat and canoe/Kayak yearly passes are available at the Ranger Station. For more information about Beaverdam Park visit our website at or call the Ranger Station at (804 )693-2107.
    Report courtesy of Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries.

  10. Contributed by Park Supervisor Patti McGrath: The water temperature is 52 degrees. The water is at full pool and slightly stained and WINDY.....It was a beautiful ...more day on Saturday but the wind had foiled some fishermen's plans. Many people came back in saying that they were working hard and the fish weren't biting. Boy Scouts at the Campground seemed to know where the bass were at and even caught a 22 incher. Crappie fishing is still doing well. The dock hasn't been friendly, but if you take a boat to the 606 side, you are sure to get some bites. I think the fish are a little confused with the weather we have been having. Well quite frankly, the weather confuses me too. The 2014 annual boat and canoe/Kayak yearly passes are available at the Ranger Station. For more information about Beaverdam Park visit our website at or call the Ranger Station at (804)693-2107.
    Report courtesy of Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

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