Squaw Creek Reservoir

Somervell - Texas

  • 16 catches


  • 31 spots

Largemouth bass is the most abundant sportfish in the reservoir, although there is also a good population of channel catfish. Squaw Creek is an extremely clear and deep reservoir. The main lake area is dominated by rocky shoreline with fair amounts of sta...

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Squaw Creek Reservoir Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. 2 lb. 9 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Strike King Jerk Bait

  2. We limited out, 25 each in a couple of hours

    Channel Catfish with a Danny King punch bait

    1. Sam Taylor 0
      Some great bass fishing there too
  3. Details: blown up pond dam

    It is easily markable because you just like yourself up between the two telephone pole and you r good

  4. Details: sunken house

    Drop shot the heck out of this place

  5. Details: 5 lb. 5 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Black and Blue 7in worm

    Water still a little cold 67

  6. 8 fish total weight a hair under 20lbs between two of us. 6.13 was the largest

    6 lb. Largemouth Bass with a crawfish

    1. Steve Ables 0
      More black bass need to be removed from Squaw. Overpopulation is stunting their growth. I've been fishing it since it first opened. 5 fish stringer sizes ...more are shrinking
    2. Chad Baker 0
      I should have done a lot of things that day junior, but I assure you that throwing them back is not one of them. Putting meat in the freezer and later on my plate ...more is what I did and will continue to do.
    3. Andrew Kelley 0
      Why would you keep them and kill them like that? You should have just taken pictures and released them.
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  7. My friend and I after a high school tournament fishing for Grapevine

    1. Nick Walker 0
      Yep, however I switched partners which means I probably can't qualify for state
    2. Andrew Kelley 0
      Great job, my buddy and I we got 11.67. Any of you guys going to Ray Roberts for the next one?
    3. Nick Walker 0
      We weighed 9.37
    4. Jeremy Barnes 0
      Nice! Looks like you guys did a better than us. What did you weigh in at?
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  8. My buddy and I after a slow tourney.

  9. Slow cranking off sand and rocks

    5 lb. Largemouth Bass with a strike King 1.5 chartreuse black back w/ rattles

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