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Sealy Ponds Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Nice still day threw it next to the edge of some weeds and it hit immediately

    1. Eliashitchcock 0
    2. EthanKitter99 0
      Nice one!!
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass

    5 of the 12 bass I caught last weekend was throwing it off of the grass right where their spawning beds are and jigging continually until I got a hit. All except ...more for the far left one were all. around 1lb the far left one was a 1.5lb

  3. Details: Blue Catfish

    2 of the "smaller" blues of the day with @nathan_21_24 cuz i wouldn't have been able to handline these in alone. Around 10-15lbs. we setup a 150' ...more trotline with 28 hooks all rigged with live or dead bass. we hooked 4 but one bent the hook out and got off.

    1. _hbomb_1201_ 0
      Those cats are huge!!
  4. We setup a 150' trotline with live bass on it and came up with this nice 20-25lb blue cat. took a while to handline in really fun fight.Does anyone know good ...more rod and reel setups for blues ranging 10-30lbs

    30 lb. Blue Catfish

    1. Wyatt Prappas 0
      Im pretty sure its only illegal in specific parts of TX
    2. Wyatt Prappas 0
    3. Wyatt Prappas 0
      the law on tpwd it states counties which are only allowed to use specifice baitfish which includes sunfish minnows carp etc. and doesn't include bass but the ...more county this pond is in is not on the list
    4. Wyatt Prappas 0
    5. Wyatt Prappas 0
      they were gonna die anyway as we need to move alot of them out because there is to many of them there and not enough food so might as well make good use of them
    6. King_Fisher 0
      That's a awesome! Is it legal to use bass as bait down there?
    7. Wyatt Prappas 0
      about a pound @reel_fishin
    8. reel_fishin 0
      How big was the bass @Ghost0921
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Pond bass are biting tonight. Caught 6 this size in 30min, mostly by slowly casting a paddle tail tandem rig near the shore. Fish on the right already had a beetle ...more spin in its mouth. Left it on the stump for the owner to find. Solid way to wrap up a work day.

    1. saltlifefisher2112 0
      The trout bite is on fire right now in nc
    2. Chris Skinner 0
      @saltlifefisher2112 its a 2 wire version of an Alabama rig, I used to have one till a stump decided it wanted it more. Pretty neat setup, MulletHead, I bet it would ...more with Jigs
    3. Gabe Mitchell 0
      @saltlifefisher2112 got it at Academy. Think it will work for specs?
    4. saltlifefisher2112 0
      Where can I find a rig like this
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  6. Details: Blue Catfish

    Trying to turn a pond at a ranch into a healthy bass pond and we electro fished it to remove some small bass because there is too many and we found the main source ...more of the problem of all the small bass. These huge cats eat all the bass and this is only a third. they said they also shocked some bigger ones that were 30+ pounds( these were around 10-25lbs)but they couldn't net them. More coming soon.

    1. Bob Bob 0
      Oh that makes sense
    2. Wyatt Prappas 0
      but these cats were not wasted as they were eaten
    3. Wyatt Prappas 0
      until we get a solid big bass population we can't have these big cats because it is possible once we have big enough bass and the grass carp get big enough to ...more prevent any more agal blooms
    4. Wyatt Prappas 0
      there was too many bass to begin with and there was not enoughfood I dont have any problem with catfish and i think they are very fun fish to catch but our job is ...more to make this a bass pond @flomofisher
    5. Wyatt Prappas 0
      more big bass and the cats are eating the 1lbers as if they were baitfish and not giving them time to get big
    6. Bob Bob 0
      I don't get it do you want more or less bass and whats up with the cats killing
    7. Wyatt Prappas 0
      we will try and get them out this fall
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  7. New toys

    1. Southern_Fisherman13 0
      Type of Waterdog swim bait
    2. Southern_Fisherman13 0
      Is that some
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Working parallel to the banks, about 6' off. Fish finally biting! Caught about 8 in 45min. All fat and healthy.

    1. bassgetter 0
      healthy looking bass right there
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      @echappy can you look into @WillSargent a issue
    3. WillSargent 0
    4. WillSargent 0
      @MulletHead i shared to get gold and I haven't gotten it yet
    5. BCOjr 0
      Nice catch man!!!
    6. Jason Stewart 0
      Ok thanks@MulletHead
    7. Gabe Mitchell 0
      @Jason_Stewart_4 our staff members typically help us run one of our social media accounts (like fb, IG or YouTube).
    8. Jason Stewart 0
    9. Jason Stewart 0
      What do you have to do to become part of fishing skout staff
    10. thedevman1 0
      Can't say enough about the lateral cast slow drag and pop.
    11. bullet_head2 0
      Nice dude sick
    12. Gabe Mitchell 0
      @KingPops Revo inshore
    13. KingPops 0
      What reel?
    14. King_Fisher 0
    15. KShiley 0
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass

    First cast back at my of the smaller bass out here

  10. Details: White Crappie

    Nice Crappie I got at my ranch. meant too get a decent size perch to get a bigger bass but this works!!

    1. Jackson Roberts 0
      That's a black crappie

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