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Rockport Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: 13 in. Spotted Seatrout with a White plastic pogy

    Undersized trout

  2. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    By the sandallor pier on a little beach

  3. Details: Mangrove Snapper

    Casting pearl gulp shrimp at structure, bouncing it off the bottom

  4. Details: Mangrove Snapper

    fishing the peer tonight caught 2 of these and another pinfish...someone help me out with the species please. also saw someone catch an eel fish were active tonight

    1. Matthew_L 0
      Yessir that's a 'mango, one of the tastiest fish that swims, fun to catch as well!
    2. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      You're right that's a mangrove snapper
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  5. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout

    same spot, same bait as yesterday...another nice speck! you can see the looks just like the menhaden...match the hatch! almost caught a needle fish ...more I was sight casting to. saw some sheepshead couldnt get em to bite. Rockport rules!

    1. Taylor Glover 0
      thanks @huddastud
    2. huddastud 0
      nice speck... and if you want to catch sheepshead crabs are a great bait
    3. Taylor Glover 0
      thanks @ColeMason
    4. ColeMason 0
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  6. Details: Pinfish

    swimbait was getting bumped but i couldnt hook em. switched to something with trebbles. got em. 3rd species of the evening

  7. second fish on the swimbait. menhaden, please add it to the species list.

    1. Sean Wilms 0
      Ya I mean you can get them on a sabiki rig which imitate very small fish but they just don't have the hardware to eat something the size of a swimbait, maybe ...more that one was confused
    2. Taylor Glover 0
      its all good, it was a cool catch anyways. i love the never know what you got @Ghost0921 @seaturtles tight lines yall
    3. Wyatt Prappas 0
      idk the fish world is a mystery we may never know, another example is sockeye salmon they are known to hit lures even tho they are filter feeders @seaturtles
    4. Taylor Glover 0
      @seaturtles now you hurt my feelings...just kidding yea its possible the lure was swimming by and got em in the mouth. but read @Ghost0921 comment about how aggressive ...more they are
    5. Sean Wilms 0
      Honestly it was probably just luck that you snagged him in the mouth. They don't have teeth or a wide enough throat to eat another fish. They have fill rakers ...more designed for getting algae and plankton
    6. Taylor Glover 0
      @seaturtles Its cool man, but i hooked that menhaden in the mouth with a lure
    7. Sean Wilms 0
      I've had Shad hit lures, Shad eat small bugs and stuff. All menhaden do is filter feed. If I could I would add them to the list
    8. Taylor Glover 0
      @seaturtles shad are on the list, i want my species count up! @seaturtles
    9. Sean Wilms 0
      It is a menhaden (also called bunker, pogies, ect.) it's probably not on the list because they don't usually take lures. I catch all my menhaden with a snag ...more rig or cast net
    10. Taylor Glover 0
      @Ghost0921 exactly what i thought, but i prefer lures!!!
    11. Taylor Glover 0
    12. Taylor Glover 0
      @MulletHead why is menhaden not on the species list? can we get it added?
    13. Wyatt Prappas 0
      @TaylorG yeah for a baitfish they act like theyre the top predator, heard they make pretty good bait tho
    14. Taylor Glover 0
      @Ghost0921 i looked it up...I agree thanks man. couldnt believe the lil guy hit my swimbait. hooked him in the mouth
    15. Wyatt Prappas 0
      Its a menhaden then for sure
    16. Wyatt Prappas 0
      nevermind it's saltwater
    17. Wyatt Prappas 0
      I'm pretty sure it's a shad not sure exactly what species but definitely a shad
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  8. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout

    was throwing an artificial shrimp rig with no luck...put on an pldschool swimbait...confidence bait...immediately hooked up with a nice trout...good decision and ...more a great birthday fish! windy, choppy water, off of a jetty walked out to the end

    1. Taylor Glover 0
      thanks @Drew72
    2. Drew72 0
      Hard to beat that! Happy birthday
    3. Taylor Glover 0
      @ColeMason @CJS21 thanks!
    4. ColeMason 0
    5. Taylor Glover 0
      thanks. yes!!! @lhp9
    6. Lucas Pennington 0
      Happy Birthday Man! Seems like a pretty good present.
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  9. Details: Gulf Flounder

    Got into some good flounder action from the bank this morning! Walked out to the back of the hotel about 7:15 and found some vertical posts that I managed to catch ...more 5 flounder off of (all undersized), and then walked to a marina a bit later and managed two flounder about 16 inches around boat slips. Also mixed in a few hard heads as well, all on the gulp. Awesome morning!

    1. EthenBergen 0
      Ok thanks
    2. Austin Buley 0
    3. Austin Buley 0
      Man I have no idea cus Florida is really not known for flounder fishing however that's smack in the middle of the flounder run so you could definitely still ...more find some shallow If they're there
    4. EthenBergen 0
      Or should I target a different species
    5. EthenBergen 0
      Will flounder fishing still be good in destin Florida if I'm there in November ?
    6. EthenBergen 0
      Will flounder fishing still remember good if I'm in Destin Florida in November ?
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