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Denton - Texas

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The largemouth fishery in Lewisville Lake is average for the state and is affected greatly by the fluctuations of the water levels each season. In June 2005 Kevin Van Dam, fishing in a BASS Elite Tournament, caught what was then the lake record bass at 1...

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Lewisville Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. largemouth

    5 lb. 3 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Berkley 7" Motor Oil

  2. Ok folks. I've been after it on Lewisville for a year now. I'm a Bass fisherman at heart and would love to be able to catch some on this lake. Store my boat ...more at Pier 121 so been trying to figure this lake out. Hard to target this time of year without any past history of knowledge or catches to fall back on. Anyone have any good tips, creeks, or ways to locate with my humminbird unit? I can always find the sandies and hybrids and have crappie holes all over the lake now. Trade some good spots for some of my good crappie, hybrid holes?

    1. Eric Rooney 0
      214.809.5202 Ericrooney@metrobrick.com
    2. Tom Bax 0
      My spot is a little hard to explain but I can give it to you
    3. Tom Bax 0
      For sure man
    4. Jay Jones 0
      Tom do you think you could help me out I have little knowledge on lake Lewisville and have a tournament soon and I need some good holes for bass on this lake.
    5. Tom Bax 0
      Could I get your phone number or email I could send you some pictures on a map to where I have been catching them in tournaments just recently caught a 6lber
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  3. Common Carp

    1. David W 0
      hard to tell them apart
    2. Dereck Suarez 0
      Thats a "Ictiobus" or commonly known as a buffalo fish
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  4. 6 lb. 10 oz. Largemouth Bass with a minnow

    1. David W 0
      very nice catch. i was there yesterday at the same barge and caught 10 lb carp.
    2. Mary Kay Roper 0
      Othel Stimpson, do you know Linda Stimpson
    3. Justin Coker 0
      I was not there. I just recognize the barge.
    4. ernie english 0
    5. Mary Kay Roper 0
      Justin, we were just there on Thursday! Did you catch it inside or outside?
    6. Justin Coker 0
      Yes Mary, that is the barge.
    7. Mary Kay Roper 0
      Was this caught at the barge?!!
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  5. Took my cousin out to Lewisville and put him on some nice cats off the bank. He pitches for the Dodgers, check him out. Dustin May

    Blue Catfish with a Shad cut bait

  6. DropShot With A Minnow🎣👍🏾❗️

    2 lb. Black Crappie with a Minnow🎣

    1. Eric Rooney 0
      Can you catch Crappie year round at the fishing barge?
    2. Jill Anderson 0
    3. Mark Oland 0
      Love the shirt, I'm going to have to use that
    4. Matt Brahm 0
      nice catch. love the shirt lol.
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  7. 5 lb. 13 oz. Largemouth Bass with a silver crank bait

    1. Tommy ROSS 0
      Thanks sir
    2. Tommy ROSS 0
      It was actually 5 lbs 13 oz. Not 6lbs
    3. Clint Mock 0
      Tommy come on bro 6lbs the BS meter is in the red zone.... nice fish but 6lbs I just don't see it. Whatever good fish
    4. They catch some nice bass there!!
    5. jeff mcelroy 0
      good fish tommy
    6. Tommy ROSS 0
      It was 2 ounces short of 6lbs but I didn't think anyone would be anal enough to really care that much....not tournament fishing.lol.
    7. Clint Mock 0
      Some people that lie about weight and post a pic just makes me giggle
    8. WOW!!!!!!
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  8. 75 qt ice chest 1/2 full

    White Bass

    1. Team Lewis 0
      With all the rain/chocolate water, the fish have been deeper that usual and slow. There's big bass and catfish at the gravel pits in deep water. We've seen ...more a number of guides catching with live shad. There are a number of tournament bass fishermen that fish around the old damn cut thru; and 15-18' at boat docks. If all else fails, follow the birds. White bass like the red eye thin fisher and red eyed rattle trap at Lewisville and Texoma. Not sure what big bass like other than shad. Some mornings, our fish finder can be lit up like a Xmas tree and nothing bites.
    2. Eric Rooney 0
      Lots of dead gizzards floating around the whole lake. Hard to find these fish stacked up together the way the bait is so spread out. Only luck has been thumping ...more the boat to attract the white bass and hybrids to me. Still running into a bunch of small fish. Any tips on how to find some bigger fish? Bigger lures? Deeper water?
    3. Team Lewis 0
      Boat...chasing birds
    4. Johnny Tran 0
      Nice! Ảre u boat fishing or in land?
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