Lewisville Lake

Denton - Texas

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The largemouth fishery in Lewisville Lake is average for the state and is affected greatly by the fluctuations of the water levels each season. In June 2005 Kevin Van Dam, fishing in a BASS Elite Tournament, caught what was then the lake record bass at 1...

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Lewisville Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: 5 lb. 5 oz. Largemouth Bass

  2. Good day at the spillway at the Lewisville dam with Scott. Didn’t find any trout. Saw some deer. Herons. Ducks. A lot of big mouth buffalo swimming around. Managed ...more to catch a nice little bass. Matthew 4:19 caryisfishing.com #LiftedJigs #FishFace #EnigmaFishing #SolarBat #LiquidMayhem #ArdentReels #InterstateBait #aquaflauge #LarryTheLizardCustomBaits #GloProLures #Smartbaits #stanley_jigs_and_hale_lure #hoorag #SkirmishBaits #trccovers #wootungsten

    1 lb. 1 oz. 12 in. Largemouth Bass with a Worden's Original Rooster Tails

  3. 1 lb. 8 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Mepps Dressed Aglia Spinner

  4. 17 lb. 10 oz. 37.0 in. Blue Catfish with a cut bait

    1. Christopher Pereira 0
      nice kitty!
    2. George Horvath 0
    3. Dominic Smith 0
      thats what I'm talking about. nice job my guy
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  5. Details: 3 lb. 15 in. Largemouth Bass with a VMC Swimbait Jigs

  6. hey can anyone tell me a good place to fish for bass, catfish, and or crappie near Little Elm, TX? I dont have a boat, so maybe a good bank, pier, or something? ...more please let me know. Im new to the area and want to fish! Thank you!

    1. Courtney Johnson 0
      Have u been fishing or do u know anyone who has been fishing at Boyd park? There's a dam there, so it looks kinda good
    2. Courtney Johnson 0
      I was thinking of going there Sunday, or to try at Boyd park, it looks like it might be good
    3. Lucas Currier 0
      I been fishing at the lewisville barge. catching a few channel cat and someone caught a 28 lb flathead the other day. Thursday was dead but the 2 previous days were ...more OK or so
    4. Courtney Johnson 0
      I will DEFINATELY let you know...all I've caught so far is a bunch of bluegills and a couple greedy turtles..will keep trying to catch some bass and catfish..will ...more let you know..
    5. Lucas Currier 0
      if u find a good catfishing hole lmk. I been getting skunked all over the place out here on the colony side of the lake
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  7. 2 lb. 12 oz. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a wacky worm

    1. Nice Catch. Set the hook on us at easttexasanglers.com
  8. Largemouth Bass with a earthworm

    1. Nice Catch. Catch us at easttexasanglers.com
  9. Details: 2 lb. 1 oz. 14 in. Black Crappie

    1. Nice Catch. Catch us at easttexasanglers.com
  10. 12 lb. 8 oz. Buffalo Fish with a Red Worm

    1. Dominic Smith 0
      hahahhaah I like the no fishing sign in background.. hahahhaa

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