Lake New Ingram

- Texas

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Lake New Ingram Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. 4 lb. 5 oz. Spotted Bass with a square bill

    1. Scott S 0
      Nice largemouth
  2. 9 lb. 7 oz. Largemouth Bass with a river2sea pencil popper

    1. carl schulze 0
      nice fish
    2. Robert Coleman 0
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  3. 32.0 in. Largemouth Bass with a Gary Yamamoto spinnerbait

    1. carl schulze 0
      catching monsters
  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Chatterbait

    Bass fishing a couple of weekends back. Caught five but nothing to really brag about. Ain't nothing better than fishing in your Jordan's lol

    1. Rick Jones 0
      there are biggens in ingram lake the one in my profile pic is from there
    2. Steve O 0
      Where is this again...exactly? I know where Ingram is but not sure of this lake.
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Chatterbait

    Cold and slow morning but always a good time when on the water. Nothing like kayak fishing in my Jordan's

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Chatterbait

    Caught this little guy in a shallow alley way I came upon this weekend. Small but a great fight

  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Chatterbaits

    First time out this year!!

    1. TexasFisher07 0
    2. TexasFisher07 0
      Loving mine. Plenty of space and very stable
    3. Steve O 0
      Nice! Going to get me one asap!
    4. TexasFisher07 0
      Yes sir @Lmb_83
    5. Steve O 0
      Ascend 12?
    6. TexasFisher07 0
      Thanks bud! @robz713
    7. robz713 0
      Cool kayak
    8. SaFisher5 0
      Nice man, not too shabby
    9. TexasFisher07 0
      Caught four. @SaFisher5
    10. SaFisher5 0
      Good luck buddy!
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a $$$

    This is a picture of me bass fishing with some buddies last week. I wanted to show people that the ascend fs12t is a great angler kayak that is very sturdy and awesome ...more for the price.

    1. TexasFisher07 0
      Lol thats some of the best news you can get!! @GizmosBait
    2. GizmosBait 0
      OMG after a trip to bass pro the wife wants me to get another kayak so we can yak together! BUT she wants to go out on my pelican first to make sure she's OK ...more with it!
    3. TexasFisher07 0
      Awesome man @GizmosBait
    4. GizmosBait 0
      Thanks! I'll keep updates on here once it starts and what lakes I'll be fishing, I'll even be sending out invites for people to pre register and join.
    5. TexasFisher07 0
      Lol im pulling for ya @GizmosBait
    6. GizmosBait 0
      I dare say mine would have to be sinking to talk her into it lol. of course it all depends on how I do in the KAT kayak tournaments next year she might say go for ...more it haha.
    7. TexasFisher07 0
      Took me a while to convince the wife that i needed a new one lol. @GizmosBait
    8. eastonsutley 0
      Pay the extra 100 for a ride 115.
    9. GizmosBait 0
      wow that's not a bad price! the wife won't let me upgrade for a long while unless I find one on sale somewhere really cheep.
    10. TexasFisher07 0
    11. jass37 0
    12. TexasFisher07 0
      $595 with taxes at bass pro shops. @ eastonsutley
    13. eastonsutley 0
      How much?
    14. Nice!
    15. TexasFisher07 0
      Well worth the money. @Peytond52
    16. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Ya im thinking about upgrading to one
    17. Adan Valdivia 0
      Agreed. Ascend makes a pretty good kayak. I got FS128t
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Chatterbait

    These bass were swallowing the baits that day. Had trouble pulling it out of his mouth. Very fiesty right now and very hungry also. Love fall bass fishing!!

    1. TexasFisher07 0
      Thank you sir. @GizmosBait
    2. GizmosBait 0
      lookin good!
    3. TexasFisher07 0
      Ya thats going to be funn!! @Cowboy713
    4. Chris Skinner 0
      I'm excited for when they start schooling!
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